And in the meantime….

On Pete's shoulders

On Pete’s shoulders

Life does of course go on. Two weekends ago we enjoyed spending time with Pete during parent’s weekend at Phillip’s Exeter Academy. Attending Peter’s classes was super—what a great bunch of instructors and an equally impressive group of students. Eating in the cafeteria was kind of groovy (although I had a misadventure to be shared in another post). And…meeting all his friends and some of their parents as well was absolutely fabulous.

Pete's in the back of the boat

Pete’s in the back of the boat

We also got to attend a crew practice and to see Peter (still a novice, but loving it) in action. It was a beautiful day in what has been the tenderest October I can recall—just glorious.

Pete then came home for two days, much to Buddy’s delight. And of course, I was able to sneak in some cuddle time; moments which are all the more precious for their infrequency.

Was it the right thing to do—sending Peter to boarding school? Absolutely. It is going to be a real life changer for him, and I couldn’t be happier (and yes, I take a fair amount of personal pride in having initiated and orchestrated this opportunity). Thank goodness David has been totally on board with it as well; financially it is a major commitment and not something that could have been realized without his support.

Of course, from a strictly selfish perspective I am admittedly lonely without the daily presence of our youngest child—particularly now. However, I’m also relieved that Peter is removed from the current fray; as difficult as the coming weeks/months shall be, it is made easier to know that Peter is busy with his own private world.

And I have to believe he is extraordinarily well taken care of:  last night I received a phone call from someone in the infirmary. Pete had gone there with migraine-like symptoms, and the PA on duty called to see what sort of work-up Peter has had previously. This is a relatively new problem, and so they will now refer him to a doctor.

While I had the individual on the phone I did make one request: “Please tell Peter to call his Mother. Tonight.” Worked like a charm—fifteen minutes later I was on the phone with Pete (who was already feeling better).

6 responses to “And in the meantime….

  1. oh my – those little people holding that HUGE boat. such a wonderful image! LOVE IT. thank you for sharing. and big hugs to you and hopes that you are ok.

  2. what a wonderful post. I love the pix of the Institution of Learning and Pete in the boat in one big reflection on the water! I am sure it will be a life changing experience for him. How unselfish of you. Love your post

    Staragrl8 (from inspire)

    • Sonya, thank you. Pete is navigating new waters (couldn’t resist) but I do think it is the experience of a lifetime. Missing him (terribly) comes in waves (oh my—more water metaphors. That was accidental). Yesterday I stepped in an elevator and it smelled like whatever shampoo Peter uses—I got a little weepy.


  3. Glad Pete called his mom within fifteen
    Minutes! And so glad you know this has
    Clearly been the right decision (though I know you miss him like crazy) xo

    • Cristina, parenting always requires a lot of patience, but perhaps never more so then when your kids are out of reach/touch and you are wanting to make contact. Yesterday I witnessed an overwrought mother (teen and toddler–oh can I relate) being very short with the older child. It was heartbreaking and I just wanted to take her aside and say don’t…before you know it he’ll be all grown up and you’ll be missing him….

      love, L

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