Some very special images

The photo shoot with my pal Sadie (Sadie Dayton Photography) turned out even better than I could have imagined. Literally done on the fly—no stylist, no make-up artist, no wardrobe—no matter! Even allowing for my personal bias regarding both the artist and the models, I think these photos are absolutely splendid. Thank you Sadie!

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15 responses to “Some very special images

  1. Wow, so fabulous. Love all the expressions. I can see you in everyone. And everyone in you. It looks like a most creative bunch — including the dogs!

  2. Hard to pick a favorite Linnea. They look all grown up and gorgeous, just like their mother!

    • Thanks for the nice words Linda—they are all my favorites. The pics and the kids. Jem is my favorite daughter, Aug is my favorite oldest son and Pete is my favorite youngest son. Hope you are well.


  3. love these photos – such a beautiful family and such a talented photographer. frame these – and have a nice day,

    • Gwen, thank you. Of course I think my kids are pretty but Sadie can find the beauty in everyone and everything. She’s a wonder. And a darn special friend.


  4. That is one gorgeous crew. But you know that.

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! What wonderful pictures to treasure.

  6. Fantastico! Especially when you can remember them as babies. The family group is terrific. Send me a copy! Can Sadie shoot our next Club meeting?

    • I’ll get you a copy missy. And I think that’s a fabulous idea. Remember our ‘famous’ barmaid shot? Mine’s getting a bit spotty (literally) but I’ll dig it out.


  7. Sadie is one fine photomaker of one fine family.
    XO W

    • I concur. And you get yourself out here and I’ll construct that costume you wish to be captured in.

      love, L

  8. Hello. You don’t know me ,however I found your blog by searching for Stage 4 survivors. You are very encouraging….please keep it up! What a beautiful family you have. I was wondering if we could possibly email each other as support, or someone to lean on and share experiences. Please email me back if you would like to. Equally optimistic myself.

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