Sadie, Sadie, Jem, Pete and Aug!

L1030395I spent Wednesday in Newburyport with Sadie. There was much catching up to do and some of it was over a delicious lunch at Brine—no oysters for me, but rather a delicious chilled cucumber soup with smoked scallops. Beautiful to look at and better to eat!

Sadie documenting our repast

Sadie documenting our repast

Thursday was dedicated to preparation for a very important visitor—August, our eldest son. David and Peter picked him up at the airport late Thursday night. When I awakened Wednesday morning I hopped into Aug’s bed in the guest room and got a little snuggle in. And then August, Peter and I drove into Cambridge to pick up Jemesii and her dogs, Kala and Fig. Lunch on the go from Whole Foods was sushi and ridiculously priced cold pressed juice beverages from Blue Print. I had the lemon cayenne agave blend and felt it might mix well with a shot or two of vodka (those were the days).

Our next destination was Sadie’s studio in a warehouse in Peabody. I dog wrangled while Sadie took photo after photo of our beautiful children. I am in such exquisite anticipation of the results.

Van Gogh keeps watch:  the master at work

Van Gogh keeps watch: the master at work

Back home we swam in the pool (even Kala and Fig) and enjoyed a delicious dinner of David’s black bean steaks. Jem had to go home early Saturday morning, but the boys and I got a little extra sleep in and then hung out poolside for several hours. Dinner at Republic (demonstrating to my foodie son that there are indeed fine restaurants in New Hampshire), and then we came home to watch the first two episodes of Game of Thrones—it was August’s introduction to the HBO series and I think he might be hooked.

Today; a little upscale retail therapy (read:  outlet malls instead of thrift stores—my kids prefer that I find the cool stuff, wash it, and then give it to them). Tonight, a little home cooking Linnea-style:  fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and corn on the cob. Maybe some watermelon for dessert. Oh summer!

6 responses to “Sadie, Sadie, Jem, Pete and Aug!

  1. I have been enjoying everything you write these days, and furthermore am enjoying your enjoyment! I got so excited about your recent repasts that I ran to the kitchen for a tasting (I am actually cooking today) and splashed (unintentionally) molten spaghetti sauce all over my white shirt. Switched to black shirt. Too late.

    Ezra’s blog knocked my socks off. Thanks for putting it out there.
    Love you my friend,

    • Joan, maybe it should have been a red shirt. Ezra knocks my socks off—a truly remarkable individual. It’s times like this when I wish we could bargain and cut deals with the universe.

      love, Linnea

  2. Linnea, you are providing a warm spot for me with the posts of your “treatment break”. They are inspiring, warm and funny, just what I need to read. Ezra’s blog is humbling me. He has the dignity and grace we all wish we had. He seems so much like my own sons, just wanting a simple life. I wish I could gather him in a warm hug. Steve is failing quite badly right now, the radiation has weakened him beyond walking. They have stopped it after eight treatments. His back pain is better, so we are hoping eight was enough! The weakness is causing confusion, sadly, which is scary for his sisters and our kids/grands. Being with him 24/7, allows me to see him behind the confusion, so I’m not too concerned. As his strength returns, he will be back to himself. His bowel issue continues to perplex the docs. They hear good sounds but no action. This causes Steve painful distress at night. So many laxative meds, enemas, massages without results… But this too shall pass. Was that too obvious? Wishing you more good days. Stand Strong. Hedy

    • Hedy, nothing is too obvious. And there is no underestimating the distress that severe constipation can bring on.

      You amaze me Hedy—your ability to remain strong, calm and optimistic. I think I’ve said it before, but Steve is fortunate to have you by his side. Wishing you some good days….and don’t forget to take care of yourself.


  3. Cristina Thorson

    I can’t wait to see Sadie’s pix of the kids! Goodie!


    • Cristina, coming soon. And since you’re retired, I might just forward the whole bloody file to you. Just wish I could sit by your side as you looked through them.


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