Daily Archives: July 18, 2013

One, two, three….

I had special outings three days in a row, and may not share in chronological order as I’m waiting on permissions for a photo taken at one such event. Let’s start with dinner out in Portland, Maine: always a pleasure.

With Peter away in Cape Cod, David decided we needed a meal up north. Portland is home to several superb restaurants and our spontaneity meant we couldn’t secure a reservation at our favorite (Hugos), but we were able to enjoy a meal at another fine venue, 555. We arrived in town a bit early and so had a snack (salad and iced tea for me, mussels and a glass of chardonnay for David) down by the waterfront. We then spent an hour strolling around town, window shopping and people watching.

Dinner was excellent: mint and pea soup, pepper crusted seared scallops and a fennel puree. A lovely cucumber ‘mocktail’. And….I think I had some sort of ginger souffle for dessert. I texted David, who has jury duty today to confirm. He recalls a chocolate souffle, and his recollection is backed up by the bill. I stand firm (if muddled) on this:  David had chocolate, I had (some other sort of) souffle, and we shared. Even if I can’t pin down the details (something to be said for blogging a little sooner after a special day), I can assure you it was delicious. Whatever it was.