Tales from the hood

So what’s been going on here aside from swimming laps and the eating of greens?

We had a lovely Fourth of July. After dropping Peter at a party, David and I picked up our dinner at a farm stand. I really wanted to see some fireworks up close and personal but didn’t want to deal with a crowd. Fortunately for us, neighbors host a Fourth of July celebration every year complete with pyrotechnics (which are legal and readily available in New Hampshire). We don’t actually know these people but thought we could get away with taking a seat in the adjacent field. At dusk, after generous applications of deet, we strolled down the road. Fireflies were flashing on and off between the trees and in the distance I could hear bagpipes playing.

There's an art to capturing fireworks, and I I've not mastered it.

There’s an art to capturing fireworks, and I
I’ve not mastered it.

It turned out to be a marvelous display; almost an hour long. And as we were within a hundred yards of the site of detonation, the sound was amazing—you could feel it in your bones. Entirely satisfying.

Two days later, Peter took off for a week on Cape Cod, compliments of the same lovely family that took him to Florida over winter break. I texted him last night to see if he missed us and his response was ‘Maybe’. Cheeky teenager.

I’ve also been prepping a new spot for painting in the house. My current ‘studio’ is in an alcove under the eaves, but I’m just too damned tall and always bumping my head on the ceiling. So some old carpet is coming up tomorrow and I will be relocating to a (vertically) larger space.

Aside from that, when I am not writing, reading, cleaning, eating salads or hanging out in the pool, I am walking. A lot. At the conclusion of one such jaunt our neighbor Ray hailed me. Asked how I was doing, showed me his tan line (impressive, but I don’t need to see it again) and offered me some zucchini from his garden. One thing led to another and soon he was talking about the legalization of medical marijuana. And how if that happens I should definitelyΒ get squared away with a prescription. Better yet, I could start growing pot, in Ray’s greenhouse. We could become partners.Β “Perfect,” I say. “A match made in heaven.” As Buddy and I took our leave, Ray’s shouting down the road “You can pay for your son’s education that way!” I shout back “I’m going home to watch Breaking Bad and I’ll think about it!” Oh, New Hampshire.

16 responses to “Tales from the hood

  1. ha ha love your recap. RAY sounds HILARIOUS! and so are you! πŸ™‚

  2. Cristina Thorson

    Just one more thing to add to your curriculum vitae… artist, advocate, marijuana entrepreneur… : ) and xoxo

    • MY curriculum vitae—next time I’m asked for a (non-existent) resume, I will respond with, ‘oh, are you referring to my curriculum vitae? Just one moment please….’ and I’ll whip it up.


  3. Love Cristina’s comment! NH is a special place and lucky to have you in it!

  4. love this post Linnea. Funny, I was thinking you captured the firework perfectly and differently than others I’ve seen. I love that you can see the red white and blue of this one. Having been someone at the forefront of legalizing medical marijuana in MA, it is interesting to hear how so uninformed people can be. Thinking it is a cure all or putting it into a realm where it really doesn’t belong; not so helpful πŸ™‚ Some people lump all sorts of stuff together with medical marijuana and I always wish they would educate themselves more. Oh well, that’s my personal soapbox. I think of you so often, and send love daily. xxo my dear friend

    • Lorraine, as for the fireworks, I’ve yet to adjust to the delay of digital—it is what it is. And yeah, the whole medical marijuana thing is poorly managed (think CO—where everyone with a headache has a prescription) and poorly understood elsewhere. I respect all the work you have done and continue to do though to clarify and legalize.

      Oh that Ray.

      love, Linnea

  5. Carol Ann Shanklin

    That is hilarious! Love the pic too, btw. πŸ™‚

  6. Linnea, so good to hear you laugh (I can, you know). The photo is terrific, we watched the fireworks from Steve’s hospital window. Your meadow had to be better! He has been having BP issues plus nausea and vomiting. After 2 weeks here, they think we are on the way home. Ulcers, bone pain, and a BP that’s bottoms out upon standing have been discovered and treated. Radiation starts Monday for 14 treatments to relieve lumbar pain. His lumbar spine is 100% cancer. Just reading about your journey gives such hope. Stand Strong for all of us. Hedy

    • Hedy, you amaze me with your ability to maintain a sense of levity. I hope Steve’s pain is soon under control. And that you are hanging in there as well.


  7. What a pleasure to read your post Linnea. I had a chuckle about your neighbour’s tan line demonstration. I’m guessing it is not a farmer’s tan;)

  8. Linnea I have been following you for a while now and I love your positive attitude. My Dad has lung cancer too. We got some bad news yesterday, his has spread to both sides of his brain and the Dr is saying he has maybe 2 months. Cancer sucks! I continue to pray for you and follow your journey. All my best!!

    • Kandi, I am so sorry for the bad news regarding your father. Lung cancer does suck. Thank you for your kind thoughts and I shall be thinking of you and your father.


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