I’ve just returned from a brief but eventful trip to Utah. This first full day back has been devoted to reading several days worth of newspapers, laundry and an hour of riding shotgun as Peter practiced driving (including a short stint on the highway).

I planned to write a blog tonight with all the details of my journey. Alas, I find that I am succumbing to fatigue. Tomorrow, I promise. In the meantime, I’d like to share the fact that I have begun a new undertaking:  a weekly blog about lung cancer for

This effort falls under the category of advocacy versus employment (I am not financially compensated). It is going to be a great opportunity to reach a broader audience and shall be a bit of a challenge as well, producing two distinct story-lines. Of course, the underlying subject matter shall remain the same—living with lung cancer.

Here is a link to a profile in which I am introduced to the audience: e-lung-cancer.aspx

And a link to my first blog: e-with-lung-cancer-introduction/

I am hoping that my ability to reply to comments will soon be enabled, as they are piling up and I really would like to respond to each. Anyway, I’d be pleased if you would check out my new gig, and rest assured that the show shall go on here as well.

12 responses to “Addendum

  1. Hey Linnea- glad to hear you are back. I look forward to hearing about your Utahan adventures. I had to clutch my chest briefly when you mentioned driving with Peter on the highway (I was singularly unable to teach either of my offspring how to drive). Bravo!

    How wonderful that you are taking on your new venture; it is amazing how cyberspace has become the source of so much good. I will be following along, of course.

    And anyway, this reply is just a transparent excuse to send you gigantic heaps of love.

  2. You just can’t keep a good woman down! Sleep tight…..look forward to hearing more details once you are well rested.

  3. I’m glad you have a new forum on which to share your insights. You help so many people cope. Don’t get worn out, though! Pace yourself! xoxoxo

    • Hey you, we have had many telepathic conversations as of late; I hope you’ve been tuning in. Lots of love to you and W (I am uber impressed by her M. Kalmanesque watercolor rendering!). We must talk soon and PLAN.

      love, L

  4. Carol Ann Shanklin

    Love what you’re doing; your quick wit and talented writing is inspiring. You continue to amaze me! Blessings!
    Carol Ann

  5. Linnea, I just looked at your new blog and it is incredible to think of the impact you are having for so many people. My gosh, the number of comments is almost overwhelming and you are so articulate and thoughtful in every response. What a truly special and giving person you are.

    • You are a real pal to have perused those comments, but thank you for noticing. Last night I was up late answering the latest batch. It is a ‘thing’ for me—I feel the need to respond to everyone (unless they are pitching a product for profit).


  6. Spectacular, Linnea! You go girl!

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