Mother of em all

My mother and me

My mother and me

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. And for those of you for whom this holiday is a painful reminder of loss, my heartfelt sympathy.

Robins' egg blue

Robins’ egg blue

My own day has been quiet but utterly delightful. First thing this morning, Peter and I spread some mulch and then went on a walk with Buddy. Peter noticed a beautiful robin’s egg in the road—hatched, but miraculously intact. After lunch, I went out for a latte, and was delighted when I had to stop for a moose crossing the road.

Assorted treasure

Assorted treasure

Next I paid a visit to a local antique store where I purchased a sextuplet of magical items for a song: two unusual watch fobs, a mourning pin, long brass key chain, a plump (and rather suggestive looking) sateen pin cushion and a wooden last with an unfinished shoe trimmed with  triangles of gold leather still attached.

In the afternoon I spent some time organizing my studio before phoning my mother Evalynn and stepmom Carolyn. Our adult children, Jemesii and August, each called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. And then, the ultimate:  sixteen year old Peter made dinner (braised chicken with tomatoes, onions and capers, a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts, followed by molten chocolate cake—recipes compliments of the NY Times Operation Mother’s Day). David filled the role of sous chef and provided several flower arrangements culled from our garden. The table was beautiful and the dinner absolutely delicious!

Head Chef Peter

Head Chef Peter

7 responses to “Mother of em all

  1. what a delightful day for you ~ I just love that you were spoiled right! dinner looks good, nice treat. love you

  2. cheryl shields


  3. Happy Mother’s Day Linnea! -DK

  4. Love all the pictures, especially the first one of you as a little girl and of course the beautiful robin’s (!) egg that Peter found. And that dinner sounds fabulous. Lovely day for a lovely lady.

  5. I am in awe of Peter! Do his skills know no bounds?!
    Seeing the picture of you and your mother was rather head-spinning, what with all the family resemblances. And glad you scored big at the antique store (you know the last with the unfinished shoe attached kinda creeps me out, right?) All in all, it sounds as though you had the good day you so deserve. xoxoxo

  6. Anjali Thomas

    Hi Linnea, i enjoyed reading this post. Sounds like you had a lovely day. take care

  7. Hey Linnea,
    Just an FYI-
    My husband and I spoke with Dr . Camidge in Denver- works with Dr shaw and he has seen results with retreating with xalkori after being on regular chemo. The idea is to untrain the cancer. He did it on a patient and the xalkori worked again!!!

    Even my husband went off xalkori, on to alimta, and to get on LDk trial had to go back on xalkori—his cancer showed response after being off for only 5 months……

    Food for thought….

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