Future tense

Peter Duff tries to thwart a candid shot (fail)

Peter Duff tries to thwart a candid shot (fail)

On the second of April, Peter, David and I attended Experience Exeter, a daylong introduction to Phillips Exeter Academy for admitted students as well as their parents. To say we came away dazzled is an understatement.

Of course, there is something very bittersweet about the fact that Peter shall be going off to boarding school. Yes, it is the realization of both a dream and some very focused and labor intensive campaigning on the part of yours truly. I couldn’t be happier about the end result:  a new world is going to open up for Pete; one glittering with opportunity. In addition, he will become a member of a community that shall provide him with academic, social and emotional support.

However, from a purely selfish standpoint, this is going to require some adjustment. You see, Peter Duff is really great company. I adore this kid and love spending time with him. A couple of days ago, the two of us were out running errands. At one point I began to feel a little emotional and turned to Pete to say, “I’m really going to miss you.” He responded with, “I’m glad you’re going to miss me.” (versus the alternative!) However, what I heard was “I’m glad you’re coming with me.”  That is what you call wishful hearing.

For a peek into what the future holds for young Master Duff, check out the lovely video PEA sent along with the email announcing his acceptance:

(if you don’t see a video, you may have to download vimeo—my apologies!)

15 responses to “Future tense

  1. What a great photo moment you have capture there that will last forever. A proud moment for you both.

  2. Peter is so good looking! Please tell him that and that I am very proud of him!!!

  3. Such a fun picture, and it shows how much he looks like you, too! Master Duff is off to grand adventures and you will always be with him. Your vision and selflessness to pursue this and his talents to warrant admission are a great combination. The video is very welcoming, love it.

    • Thank you! The video gives me the good kind of chills each time I watch it (and counting). Master Duff has some academically challenging but oh so exciting times awaiting him.


  4. Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment for the both of you. He is very lucky to have such a dedicated and inspirational mother.

  5. Congratulation to Peter and you. Peter will have a wonderful life experience that not many young men can have. You are a great mom and give the best opportunity to your son. Take care

  6. Its going to be okay Momma.
    Much love,

  7. Phillips Exeter Academy

    SO very glad you enjoyed your visit! Your words are very kind. Welcome to our family!

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