19 responses to “Where was I? Rewind to a week and a half ago….

  1. SUCH A beautiful recap of a day! loved reading every word. and loved how the day evolved too.

  2. hey Linnea, I love your last line — being accompanied by the sweetest little sliver of a crescent moon. What a beautiful and calming image.

  3. Huh. Always finding out something new and interesting that you’re involved with. It’s good to know someone like you is on an advisory group like that. Not to mention stopping and talking to those folks on the sidewalk, something I would really have hesitated to do. Okay. Something I probably would have been too afraid to do. I will keep your example in mind from now on and not be so weeny! xo xo xo

    • Cristina, as I acknowledged, I hesitated. My WBC counts were still low, I wasn’t even sure I should be out in public without a mask, and I certainly had no idea what the response would be. Frankly, it was just an oddly human interaction. What I took initially to be abuse was most likely inarticulately expressed caring; just a reminder that we can never presume to understand what is happening in any particular situation.


  4. Linnea, as always I am inspired by your blog post. I love that you are on the Advisory Board; it has such an important mission. You brought back memories of both Mary Susan, who is such a wonderful person, as well as with your stopping to help the people on the street. Several days after his second and final surgery in March of 2008, which was done at MGH, Silas had me take him out and about; he was in a wheelchair, and spotted a man sitting on bench. “Mom, give him some of my money,” Silas told me. I let him know that I didn’t think this man needed money, as I really didn’t think he “looked” like he did. But I did as Silas asked. The man was indeed down on his luck, and stopped to talk to Sy for a few minutes, thanking him. “It’s okay man, I’ve been down a few times myself,” said my so brave 29 year old son… such an important lesson in life, to remember to slow down enough to help others without judgment. love love love to you…and thank you

    • Lorraine, I remember you telling me this story about Silas. Such grace and compassion and wisdom for a young person. He would be so proud of all the good work you carry on in his name…

      love, Linnea

  5. I love how your eyes are always so wide open to the world. Keep on keepin’ on! BTW, congrats on Peter’s acceptance to PEA. In my youth I dated a couple of guys who’d gone there… I chuckle now, thinking of the “east coast world” I formed in my mind from those experiences. Funny the stories we invent.

    Hugs, Jazz

    • Jazz, eyes wide open (and sometimes a gaping mind as well) is my m.o.
      Having grown up in Colorado, I had a vision of the east coast as well. Some of it turned out to be true: the preponderance of nicknames like skip and coco, cocktail hours and preppiness that was a birthright rather than a fashion statement. I’ve been settled here long enough now that it feels like home, but some of my heart will always be in the wide open spaces of the west (congrats duly passed on to Mr. Pete–thanks!).


  6. The ways you thrill and inspire me are endless. I so admire that you took the time and compassion to reach out to this couple, something I would like to think I would have done but would have been too frightened to do. And the time and energy you put into ensuring that you are doing all you can to help others through the medical maze is testament to your character. On top of it all, you can articulate it eloquently — full of hope, without judgment. You are quite something, Linnea. Thank you. .

    • Aw thanks. I do view each day as an adventure, no matter how pedestrian the locale. There are moments of beauty, pathos and opportunity everywhere, and we can often choose the degree to which we engage in each.


  7. This sounds like a full and satisfying day. May you have many many more, my friend! xo

  8. I am my brothers keeper. Happy Easter to you Linnea.

  9. Dear Linnea I am just back from 10 days in wonderful Guatemala and have had quite a few posts to catch up on. In spite of everything, I think its a good sign when you post regularly and I worry about you when you go for a while without posting. Congratulations to Peter on his acceptance to his new school. Feel well. Beryl

  10. Beryl, what a pair we are—-I worry when I don’t see a comment from you for a spell 🙂 Always wonderful to hear that you have been off on an a true adventure; I am glad you describe your trip to Guatemala as lovely! And thank you on Peter’s behalf (heck, and on his mother’s behalf as well!).


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