Snow job

Winter close-up

Winter close-up

Well, it happened again—a big dump of snow. It’s not so bad though; Peter has a day off from school and I am literally grounded—until the snow plow guy comes, nobody is going anywhere and so diversion is difficult (although I did get a nice walk in down the road).

I am way behind on blogging, after a week full of activity—fatigue be damned. Sunday was the first time it all slowed down, and my goals for the day were to lay on my old friend the couch and read the Sunday Globe and Times. I achieved that and nothing more. Yesterday I raised the bar a little higher and made my way to physical therapy (still working on that pelvic floor) and I picked Pete up from school, but my motivation tanked at that point.

Anyway, I need to make up for lost time and I am going to do my best to be a blogging machine. Do not be alarmed.


2 responses to “Snow job

  1. donna schielack

    believe me lady…I UNDERSTAND!!!!

    Take care and prayers

  2. Thanks Donna, and you take care too!


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