Open Heart

One of my favorite valentines

One of my favorite valentines

A day devoted to maybe the most important thing of all:  LOVE. The more you give, the more you get, and I want LOTS!!!  So, HEART Y’ALL!

5 responses to “Open Heart

  1. Well, you should be getting LOTS of love, ’cause you give so much!
    Be my valentine, Linnea!
    Hearts and kisses to you

  2. Lots of love coming your way. Thank you for sharing so much of yours with us!

  3. Same to you Linnea 🙂 ! Heading to Colorado in the a.m. to visit one of my valentine’s at CC. Take care ! I’ll check in when I get back. Please be good and have lots of good luck. So glad to have learned that your last experience did check out well. Happy V-Day !

  4. How sweet that is! Thanks for sharing.
    Love you all.

  5. Searching for Lung Cancer related videos on YouTube, wow! YOU are the Queen of All Social Media.

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