Still time

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Well, somehow, someway I just haven’t gotten around to posting photos from our Thanksgiving trip to Marfa, Texas. It was, as always, a beautiful break from reality. Not just a change of locale, but a slowing down of time that is one part location—days really are longer at that latitude—and two parts attitude; we call it marfa-time.

Also of note, I marked another milestone while in Marfa: my birthday. Fifty three freaking years old y’all.

12 responses to “Still time


  2. happy belated birthday. beautiful pictures, esp. those of your family.

  3. What a great slide show! All those big kids, looking good. I want to go there with you sometime, y’all.


  4. The beautiful, the run-down, the abandoned and the found – what amazing photographs, you are so talented! Always lovely to hear from you Linnea and welcome to the mid fifties! Love from London….

    • Ah Liz, you remember me knee deep in the Ipswich River—you know what I like. Thank you and always good to get some love from London….


  5. Love from Ipswich Linnea, and Happy Birthday beautiful! I love the pix’s, Jem with arms full of puppies and of course Pete, growing like a weed :), Dave in an apron looks mighty fetching too. Think of you a lot.
    Love you always, Lainie

    • Thank you Lainie—we need to be in the same place at the same time one of these days (I did see some lovely photos of you on facebook recently).

      love, Linnea

  6. Happy Birthday from a Freakin 66 year old since last November! 🙂 May you enjoy love & laughter always.
    Love from canada

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