Hello new year!

Although 2012 had its beautiful moments, I am not sad to see it go. Time for a new year with fresh possibilities.

I’ve got some major catching up to do and plan to embark on some serious blogging in the days to come; maybe even a few twofers. But not before I start the year on a positive and hopeful note.

I urge each of you to go see Ang Lee’s new film Life of Pi. A fable like adventure story, which hews very closely to the novel by Yann Martel (winner of the Man Booker Prize), it features a scrappy young survivor named Pi and his antagonist/co-protagonist, a bengal tiger. The movie is lush and gorgeous, packed with magic realism. And don’t miss the chance to see it on the big screen, as everything about this film is larger than life.

It was snowing when we left the theatre after seeing Life of Pi, the streets icy and deserted. We stopped in a tiny chinese restaurant. At the conclusion of our meal we cracked open the fortune cookies and mine read:  “The only way to catch tiger cubs is to to go into the tiger’s den.

I’ve never before encountered a fortune cookie that mentioned tigers, and given the movie we’d just seen, it seemed strangely apt. And it certainly seemed that I’d somehow wondered into the tiger’s den. However, I do question the motivation behind catching a tiger cub–sounds a little nefarious.

Anyway, I never tire of scrappy tales of adventure and survival and Life of Pi was one of three films I saw (and enjoyed) in 2012 that fit this sub genre. The first of the other two was The Hunger Games, which introduced a complicated character named Katniss Everdeen. Inspired by a trio of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins (I loved the books), The Hunger Games is dark, violent and dystopian. However, it is ultimately a story, however stark, about survival. I found inspiration there.

Finally, if you didn’t see Beasts of The Southern Wild, a small independent film, do. An enchanting tale full of whimsy but also pathos, the character of Hushpuppy will stay with you forever. At one point Hushpuppy declares “I am the man!” and you know that she too, is ultimately a survivor.

In 2013 I wish you all this: may we have the strength to deal with what lies ahead.

As you face your challenges, live fully and without hesitation. Embrace each day, not as if it is your last, but as if it were your first.


18 responses to “Hello new year!

  1. Linnea- Great post and good movie recommendations! I look forward to hearing how the genetic testing goes and wish you all the very best in the coming year.


    • Thank you Jamie–I’m getting curious about those results as well. And I wish you a Happy New Year as well.


  2. Dearest Linnea,

    Thank you for your words of inspiration. May “13” be the luckiest number ever!



  3. Happy New Year Linnea! I loved your movie recommendations. I’m totally on board with your take on The Hunger Games trilogy(books), Beasts.. and Life of Pi. Enjoyed them all immensely. Yes, definitely entertainment highlights of 2012. Too bad Texas and Mass aren’t a tad bit closer… We could definitely hit the theaters together! Love you much! Putting all my collective good wishes into better health for my beautiful sister in 2013 and beyond!!

    • Diana, I do wish we lived closer to each other because I would love going to movies with you and better yet, discussing them afterward with my brainy little sis. And I bet Jem would want to tag along because she thinks you’re the bomb! Happy New Year to you!

      love, Linnea

  4. Linnea, I saw the Life of Pi with the Pastor boys. Loved it–but screamed out a couple of times–I was so involved with the movie. Read Hunger Games, and am scared to see the movie–too scary! Will look for your 3rd recommendation.
    You are quite a writer–wonderful vocabulary!
    Love you!

    • Carolyn, I’m glad you saw the movies and yes, I can imagine you screaming (remember when David made lobster?). What did the boys think? I think that’s cool that you read the Hunger Games too–did you read all three books? Happy New Year!

      love, Linnea

  5. Linnea, you remain in my thoughts so much and I wish for you the most productive 2013 with great success in your treatments. Your journey is so amazing and fills me with inspiration on a daily basis. Thank you.

    • Hey, thank you. As I’ve said before, it please me that you are following that journey. And Happy New Year!


  6. Happy New Year Linnea! I have lived to the point of tears and now beyond. Am still a survivor and looking forward to making 2013 my third year! Not close to any theatres of any kind so will wait for the movies to appear on TV.
    Have an awesome day! Hugs, Sharon, bc2010 on inspire which at the time was for British Columbia. But now having cancer, I am aware some will think bc stands for breast cancer. noooo, I have had the pleasure of acquiring lung cancer, which in turn has taught me more about living to the point of tears.

    • Sharon, I’m glad you got to the other side. May 2013 bring you that third year and be the bridge to year number four. Hugs to you as well!


  7. Happy Healthy New Year, Linnea. Give em hell in 2013!

  8. Dear Linnea, I am very inspired by your post. I wish you didn’t have the burden of being quite such a shining example of how to live. But you are, . Your wish for 2013 is spot on. My wish for your 2013 is strength and serious breakthroughs.
    And, go Hushpuppy!

    with love,

    • Thanks miss cris! And Hushpuppy was simply amazing (both as a character and the little actress who played her).


  9. Great movies – better books – good choice of entertainment in 2012. happy to hear you have plans to post more this year, i so enjoy reading your thoughts. My husband completed Alimta yesterday, now for another scan to see where we are headed. Hope you own wait for test results ends soon. waiting is just the pits. Stand Strong, Dear Lady.

    • Hedy, I hope the scan brings good news and a respite from treatment. I’m probably at least two to three weeks away from news of any kind, but watch and wait has been the name of the game for so long now that I am rather accustomed to it (strange as that may seem). This is the place where you focus on what is right in front of you. Let us know what you hear….


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