There are parts I’m leaving out

No, not about the biopsy. In fact, cancer is but a footnote in the events I’ve yet to describe. First, Thanksgiving in Marfa, Texas. Yep ya’ll, we hauled ass to Texas for yet another annual Thanksgiving bash. David, Peter and I were joined several days later by Jemesii and her two chihuahuas, Kala and Fig. And then on Wednesday, our son August, my sister Bink and her husband Greg and one of their two daughters, Zola (we missed you Mesa!) made the long drive south from Colorado. They were followed by my brother John and his fiancee Amanda and her chihuahua Max (the perfect gentleman).

That night we all enjoyed bowls of John’s famous chile with corn bread on the side; a meal that has now become a Marfa Thanksgiving tradition. And those who could, had the first of several Marfa margaritas.

David had already begun babying a Madeira ham and early Thursday morning he put the bird in the oven as well. Midway through the day we sat down to an amazing feast: Ham, turkey (free range, small of breast but big on flavor), mashed potatoes and the best gravy ever, biscuits, greenbeans, wild rice, stuffing, carrot and turnip and homemade cranberry sauce. Locally made apple, pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert.

Of course, before actually digging in we paused to give thanks; for each other, the lovely food in front of us, the fact that we all had a home. We made a toast to our father Ollie Olson, who passed away from pancreatic cancer seven years earlier, on Thanksgiving day. And we thought of all our other family members who were celebrating Thanksgiving in their own way.

I do, of course, have an album to share as well as some more particulars. But first, a lovely group portrait taken with Greg’s camera. However, sister Bink actually snapped the shutter, so I guess this one is hers:

David, Linnea, Amanda, John, Greg, Zola, August, Peter and Jemesii

David, Linnea, Amanda, John, Greg, Zola, August, Peter and Jemesii

5 responses to “There are parts I’m leaving out

  1. Linnea, how wonderful you had such a marvelous Thanksgiving. A day taken for granted by so many before C strikes home. Our daughter surprised us by flying home from Australia to be with us. Such a needed treat for her dad and mom. Lovely family you have. Stand Strong, Lady. The Alimpta has caused an annoying rash for Steve, but little else. Hope you fare well. Hedy

  2. what a beautiful family! love that photo & so happy you had a great family get-together. xxo

  3. What a FABULOUS family picture!!!! LOVE THIS!!! ❤ m

  4. It is lovely that we can enjoy thanksgiving with all our close families. Everyone looks great in the picture. We also had a nice meals with my mom, sisters, brothers, and all my mom’s grand and great grandkids to a total of 24 person.

  5. Kathleen Gereghty

    WOW! Sounds like a perfect family celebration. Great to see pictures of some of your family members!

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