And this is where the road forks: 12/12/12

L1020594Tonight I will take my final dose of LDK378. At 7 am sharp tomorrow morning, I will report to radiology/surgery to get prepped for a needle core biopsy. I am hoping that it is uneventful (no pneumothorax), and successful: that sufficient cancerous tissue can be harvested and that the mechanism of my resistance will ultimately be determined. Also on the table–possible gene sequencing.

It’s been a good run; about fifteen months on LDK. I am exceedingly grateful for this deposit in my time bank, but I look forward to the possibility of ramping up my quality of life again. As it stands now, I will be starting chemo (carboplatin/alimta) next week, so it’s a given that I am going to feel worse before I possibly feel better. I’m taking the long view though…

My instructions for tonight include NPO after midnight. I know this means I should refrain from eating or drinking, but I decided to find out what the letters actually stand for:  Nil Per Os. That’s latin, but I’ll take a wild guess that it does in fact mean nothing by mouth (or NBM in english!).

Tomorrow’s date is 12/12/12. There will be more than the average number of weddings, induced labors (who doesn’t want a lucky baby) and lottery tickets purchased as well. I like to think it is an auspicious date. But it seems I almost blew it; my go-to-biopsy outfit was to be some black yoga pants. However, according to numerologist Swetta Jumaani in an article from the NY Daily News, “Black is a very inauspicious color,”……. “Something bad always happens.”

Out with the black, in with something colorful and not unlucky.

34 responses to “And this is where the road forks: 12/12/12

  1. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for the best possible outcome, and a miracle too.

  2. Dearest Linnea,

    As always, you will be showered in healing light.

    Many Blessings,


  3. I hope this opening of this new chapter goes smoothly. Best hopes always.

  4. Saying a special prayer for you tonight on this new journey.

  5. you are and will be in my prayers tomorrow, and yes, no black!

  6. Good luck on your next adventure path! 12/12/12 indeed! Keep in touch!

  7. I am wishing for good news only. Bright colors like the sunshine. love you

  8. There will be NO black in my wardrobe tomorrow either. Auspicious solidarity dressing. Much, muchm much love to you

  9. Pull out the bright red, girl!
    Sending you a tsunami of love,

  10. I am wishing you well, big time, and my heart is there with you

  11. Best wishes and best hopes for good news and another bridge

  12. Wishing you the best of all possible outcomes.

  13. Kathleen Gereghty

    My fingers and toes are crossed and my thoughts are with you. Kathleen

  14. Linnea
    Thoughts and healing prayers to you…as for 12/12/12 ..a time for positive change

    • Gwen, I like the date, and impressed upon my surgeon and his attending how fortuitous it was (although I believe he was relying on skill 🙂


  15. Many warm thoughts coming your way. I hope the biopsy went well!

  16. Linnea I didn’t read your post until Dec. 13th and I wore all black yesterday. From a different point of view – without the black sky at night, we wouldn’t see the stars. Look east tonight at about 10 pm and you may see the Gemini meteor showers. I think that is a very auspicious sign of good things for you. Beryl

    • Beryl, there should always be someone with a different point of view (I suppose we could call you the black sheep this time). Anyway, I am glad it was you. We live amongst tall trees, and I couldn’t see the night sky, but I was thinking of you and the meteors–on facebook someone posted a gorgeous picture of the shower taken in Iceland. So many ways of beauty in this world, and so many ways of looking at any one moment.


  17. Hi, my mother has the same treatment ldk378 since 12 months, and I am very worried about his disease. I’d like to have information, other experience, about people who follows this treatment.
    Thanks very much

  18. Jerome — many people have stage 4 ALK+ driven lung cancer. Fellow patients and caregivers often discuss their concerns and experiences and latest news or tips in online forums like
    and occasionally there’s even a gathering of patients & caregivers where some top doctors share latest knowledge like

    Best hopes,

    Craig in PA

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