Once upon a time

L1020735In early spring of 2010, the NY Times asked their online readers a question: “How is life different after cancer?” Those who had been touched by this disease were encouraged to send in a response along with a photo, which became part of an (ongoing) interactive collage. I was an early responder in what turned into an enormously popular feature. Some weeks later, the NY Times promoted this project on the front page of the Health Section and my photo and comments were included.

The New York Times and The American Cancer Society have just published aL1020555 book, Picture Your Life After Cancer. It shares both the photos and comments from a broad sample of nearly 1500 people who have now participated. I am proud to be among them.

You can see my gap toothed grin in the introduction, along with some comments I submitted as part of an online discussion about this multimedia project and what it meant to those of us impacted by cancer:

life after cancer002

And then my original submission, which appears on page seven along with one from Cara Howell of Albuquerque New Mexico. I think they might have matched up our smiles (although she had a better orthodontist or was just born with perfect teeth):

life after cancer001

And, if you’ve not had enough Linnea yet today, I was asked by Quantia MD to talk about a doctor who had made a significant difference in my life. I chose the two very excellent oncologists I have had; Dr. Tom Lynch and Dr. Alice Shaw. I both idolize and remain forever grateful to each of them. And by the way, it is an audio presentation, which I recorded after my first 24 hours of insomnia. Until I get rolling, my voice is a bit robotic. Very careful enunciation. Have a listen if you like:  http://quantiamd.com/player/yywhviczd?cid=1689

12 responses to “Once upon a time

  1. I so enjoyed your story and am happy to finally put a voice with a face! I am also very lucky to have a wonderful, assessable oncologist. Best of luck with your new treatment plans!

    • Thank you Sandye and I am happy that you have been fortunate in the oncologist department as well–it makes a world of difference to have someone you trust at the helm.


  2. Linnea,
    You are definitely our beautiful poster women for lung cancer and your oral presentation was eloquent. Thank you.

  3. Love this!

  4. Beautiful photograph (and from a fellow gap-toother, I think you ROCK that smile!). Congratulations on being part of the NYT project, and your page in the book. ~Catherine

    • Thanks Catherine. Great gaps think alike (no explanation, just came to me). Now I just have to figure out an emoticon with the appropriate smile!


  5. Linnea, you are the ‘queen of all media’! Thank you for the time you make to advocate.

  6. Oh, I remember that NYTimes page!!! And so happy that you are part of it all. Thanks for sharing it!!!

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