Sean, yet another INSPIRE friend, was diagnosed with lung cancer on the 23rd of December in 2009. Now 48, He divides his time between New York City and Westhampton. The father of two beautiful children, Sean realized he was gay after fifteen years of marriage. In Sean’s own words:  “I did not want to live a hypocritical life so I decided that my wife and I should split up. I wanted my children to know what it means to be true to oneself. My kids accept me for who I am.” 

Sean goes on to explain that in order for him to retain his medical benefits, he and his wife remain legally married. The kids spend equal amounts of time with both of their parents, who remain committed to an open, loving and supportive family. Says Sean, “Almost five years later we are still almost best friends. We talk about boys together and ask how we are each doing.

Sean goes on to say, “Living with cancer is very challenging but I can actually say these have been some of the best years of my life. Love is what got me through–I have an amazing beautiful partner who cared for me and my kids with exquisite kindness and a web of friends that held me up. I quit work and now focus on my family and me. I have become the parent I never was when I was working sometimes seven days a week. I planned weddings for a living. Each wedding’s budget was anywhere from 250k to 1.5 million. I have a little less money but who cares. Living life is more important. I live my life saying I had cancer and if and when it might come back I will deal with it. But for now I just do not have cancer anymore.” 

Sean has approached his cancer holistically, and he counsels others living with this disease to “Stay positive, reduce stress. Treat the mind as well as the body. I always say that my oncologist treated the body while my integrated oncologist treated my mind. When I was first diagnosed I did vibrational healing, meditation, tibetan bowls, chanting…and lots of walking per the advice of my super hero surgeon, J. Sonnett.

Finally, Sean offers this simple advice: “Enjoy life to the fullest and live everyday like it is your last.

12 responses to “Sean

  1. Love your outlook on life..such a inspirational story Sean !! Thank you for sharing !!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I am taking in all the good advise and enjoying each day with family and friends.

  3. Sean you are truly amazing in all aspects of your life, Three years and going strong!
    Love ya!


    Thanks for sharing your story. Your an inspiration to all of us. Live
    each day as if it’s your last.

  5. Hi my dear. Thank you so much for writing and sharing my story. I hope it will inspire all that read it. Sean xxoo

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Sean, you are welcome; thank you for agreeing to do so. You are a brave and wonderful man and I am proud to count you a friend!


  6. Sean is wonderful. I met him and his partner at Hope Lodge in NYC and they really cheered me up! I don’t own cancer either… it’s not “my” cancer, but “the” cancer and I plan on getting rid of these pesky little brain mets ASAP. Love you Sean!

    • Great attitude Seraphina. I hope to meet my buddy Sean one of these days as well, and see that cute face in person 🙂


  7. Thanks for sharing & your advice Sean – inspirational!

  8. Congratulations Sean on all of your decisions. And, thanks for the info you share on Inspire especially regarding brain mets. All the best to you and your family.

  9. Great story & example of how priority changing an experience LC can be.


  10. Dear Sean,
    I’ve known about your amazing life before you shared it on Linnea’s blog and I must tell you how proud I am to call you my friend. Your post will help so many people who are still questioning what is important in their lives. Please give you beautiful chidren a big hug for me.
    Love you dearly,
    Thank you Linnea

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