Liz and Berry

Next up from my friends on INSPIRE are some observations about the impact lung cancer has had on their lives by Liz, wife to Berry. Liz notes that post diagnosis, she and Berry, who was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer in July 0f 2012, have only grown closer as has their faith in God.

Our faith and relationship is stronger than ever. We have begun to realize that we each are ‘only’ human and accept each other for the person we are.

Some friends and family have fallen away; having to hear about cancer is unpleasant and a reminder that no one is invincible. Every couple will be separated by death at some point and we remind people of that fact.

For the 20 months that Berry was ‘stable’ people assumed he was ‘cured’ but WE have lived in 3 month increments from scan to scan waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’ and praying it would not. It did. In August 2012 his scan showed progression of the main tumor and a very small ‘suspicious’ area in the other lung.

Now that he is back in treatment, we are once again the unpleasant reminder to some. But thankfully we have a few friends and family who have and will always be with us in this battle. We are more than blessed. We hope and pray our faith has inspired some to seek Him.

We have been blessed with many ‘good’ days and several trips to the ER. I am still on ‘high alert’ for any symptoms of the beast gaining ground.

We have lost friends to cancer. Friends we met during treatments, friends made online while sharing our struggles. Each and every one breaks your heart a little more.

We have grown older than our years and sometimes wiser!

The grandson we are raising is in 1st grade. The tooth fairy has come back to our house after a long retirement…our other grandchildren are blooming where they are planted. A constant source of pride and joy.

We have taken a few vacations, driven many miles, seen wonderful sights, caught a lot of fish, laughed a lot and cried many tears. Prayed hard and often.

We have learned that life can be bad but living is good.

Life should be lived one day at a time.

Appreciate what you have, it might not be there in the next breath.

Trust God.

Just breathe.

God bless us all,

6 responses to “Liz and Berry

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – as ever they touch my heart and resonate in so many ways. You beautifully remind me To breathe – yup! that feels right to me… the trick to living – just keep on breathing
    Many thanks


    You two a quite the testament to true love. Run don’t walk away from
    people that bring you down. In order to beat this demon we call
    cancer is to stay positive and stay surrounded by positive people.
    Thanks for sharing your faith and story with us.

  3. Thank you Liz, my husband has NSCLC and has been diagnosed for a year. He started a second round of chemo last week due to spread to bones. His biggest complaint has been the fatigue from the chemo. He wants to travel and lie his life but most days he is just too tired. Your post has offered hope to us. As you know, it is lonely here. Prayers and good thoughts to you both.

  4. Liz, you sound as if you have your hands full and also your heart full of love and faith. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and all the best to you, Berry, your family and that little grandson. Enjoy each day and each blessing.

  5. are one amazing lady. I know you love Berry so much. You have so much love and faith. The two of you are simply inspiring ..I love you always !!

  6. My dearest Liz,
    You could not have put your journey in better words. How right you are on how to live your life with cancer in your couple. Patient or caregiver , love unites both into one person through pain, fear and joy. I love your phrase below; so very true.
    “We have learned that life can be bad but living is good.”
    My love to Berry and of course you know my love is always with you.

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