Comic relief

My beautiful daughter JemesiiSunday, November 11th,  was Veteran’s Day but also my ‘lucky day’, as 11/11, eleven eleven or (my preferred presentation!) 11:11 are signifiers of good luck, a superstition I have observed since childhood. By happenstance, Bill Cosby was performing at The Music Hall in Portsmouth on 11/11. Jemesii is a big fan, and I asked her if she’d like to go see him in celebration of her birthday (she will be 28 years old on Friday!). The two of us shared a delicious meal at the Black Truffle Bistro before the show. And then we settled in for almost two straight hours of good old fashioned entertainment.

I tell you what, Mr. Cosby is still in fine form, and played the audience to great effect. Jemesii and I got a workout laughing (really, see the link) as well as the resultant endorphin high. A night out with my daughter, excellent food, and a whole bunch of chuckles. The best sort of medicine for body and soul.

26 responses to “Comic relief

  1. I LOVE that! Whenever I experience that kind of laughing, I wonder why I don’t do that more often. I got uplifted just reading this and thinking about it

  2. Jemi, are you sure you aren’t in the movies?! Sure looking good!

  3. Sounds like a great evening. So happy to hear about your fun adventure.

  4. Happy 11/11 indeed! -DK37

  5. fanatics of the movie “Spinal Tap” celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day on 11 / 11 because of his line about sometimes you just have “to turn it up to 11” and after your pharmacy adventure it sounds like you needed to turn life up to 11!!:

  6. Laughter is good! Sleep is better! Sounds as though maybe you are sleeping again??? Jem looks fabu.

  7. Laughter and family, there is nothing better.

  8. Comic relief has it’s place. Last week I learned where it is helpful in some ways, and not in others. I went for a brain MRI, a procedure by which I am challenged as I am exxcessively claustrophobic. I had a morning call from the Hypnotherapist at Concord Hospital which helped some…close your eyes, deep breaths, picture somewhere beautiful in nature. Then I had also remembered that they would be willing to play a disc for me, and that I could bring my own. That morning being a typical whirlwind I arrived with only one disc that had been left in the car…David Sedaris, whom I love to laugh with, but perhaps not while being told that it’s critical to remain absolutely still. I learned that it is possible to laugh with the toes. The scans came out clear, and I made it through…laughing.

    • Marj, you are handling this turn of events with an indomitable spirit. I admire your preparations and have to (also) laugh at the tape you chose and how you somehow managed to confine your mirth to your toes…and hey, congrats on that clear scan!!!


  9. Hi Linnea-
    Is it possible for the two of us to have much more in common? We have two beautiful daughters born on the same day- my girl Varin turns 25 tomorrow- November 16th. She spent her childhood falling asleep to Bill Cosby tapes, and can quote them chapter and verse! Too much. And never enough.
    XOXO extra,

    • that is so crazy! we learned while at the event that I’m a pretty hardcore Cosby fan, I believe your daughter and I would have each other in stitches quoting Cosby!

      happy early birthday to your daughter!

    • Joan, me thinks not–I can’t help but feel that our paths have actually crossed at numerous times and it was just a matter of time before we looked up and recognized a kindred soul…happy birthday to our two beautiful, brilliant daughters!


  10. Happy birthday for tomorrow Jemesii. You look beautiful in your photo! Sleep tight Linnea.

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