Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Comic relief

My beautiful daughter JemesiiSunday, November 11th,  was Veteran’s Day but also my ‘lucky day’, as 11/11, eleven eleven or (my preferred presentation!) 11:11 are signifiers of good luck, a superstition I have observed since childhood. By happenstance, Bill Cosby was performing at The Music Hall in Portsmouth on 11/11. Jemesii is a big fan, and I asked her if she’d like to go see him in celebration of her birthday (she will be 28 years old on Friday!). The two of us shared a delicious meal at the Black Truffle Bistro before the show. And then we settled in for almost two straight hours of good old fashioned entertainment.

I tell you what, Mr. Cosby is still in fine form, and played the audience to great effect. Jemesii and I got a workout laughing (really, see the link) as well as the resultant endorphin high. A night out with my daughter, excellent food, and a whole bunch of chuckles. The best sort of medicine for body and soul.