Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

Crazy making times

I’ve been awake for 58 straight hours–a bizarre but oh too familiar reaction to an antibiotic. On Sunday I came down with my third urinary tract infection since September, a frustrating situation that evidently is not a reflection of the state of my immune system (I look great on paper) but rather just a garden variety problem that has gotten a little out of control. With each of the recent UTI’s I’ve been put on a course of macrobid, the first two times without incident. However, just as I have in the past with levaquin, on Monday night I developed insomnia. As luck would have it, David left on a business trip early Tuesday morning. Not yet certain the insomnia was related to the antibiotic, I took two doses of macrobid yesterday. I also let the dog out for a pee and forgot about him. Fortunately, when I did remember that I had a dog, he was sitting by the door.

Yesterday was election day and parent teacher conferences at Peter’s school, so I headed off to the polls with the hope that I would remember to vote for the right candidate (I did). I got through the conferences, only to drive home in the dark without my headlights. Lordy.

Well, I didn’t sleep last night either. Sometime around 4 am I sent an email off to Dr. Shaw. I think I used the word concerned at least four times. This morning I got a little emotional thinking about how I was going to safely drive Peter to school, but I managed. Back home, I lay down hoping that I would just drift off, but the part of my brain that regulates sleep seems to be broken.

So, that’s that. Unfortunately, I am allergic to or intolerant of a number of antibiotics and one more just got crossed off my list. It’s concerning.

On Monday, before sleep or the lack thereof became the focus of my universe, I had a scan review with Dr. Shaw. I’ll cut to the chase: stability was a one off. I am back on track, as it were, with slow and steady progression. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud. I can stay on trial for six more weeks.

So that’s the scoop. I’m off to the pharmacy to pick up another antibiotic. And then I’m going to feed Pete, pop an ativan, and pray for sleep.