Five Chihuahuas and one proud mama

Kala modeling ‘blue and coral bunny ears’

Jemesii has started her own business on Etsy, and I’m busting with pride. Five Chihuahuas offers a bevy of whimsical and warm sweatshirts for pooches  large and small (sizes xs-xxl).

Our daughter Jemesii has always been enormously creative. Although she possesses a degree in metal smithing, her love of adornment extends well beyond jewelry; shoes, tattoos, clothing and cupcakes–all beloved and bedazzled. Five Chihuahuas is a wonderful fusion of Jem’s fashion sensibility and her devotion to animals. Not just canine couture, but a source* of comforting warmth when the temperature drops.

Jemesii’s explanation of how she came up with the name Five Chihuahuas is beguiling: “I began to research chihuahuas and learned more about their mysterious history; I like to explain to people that chihuahuas used to be the “unicorns” of the dog world. There is a legend that the Mexican general Santa Ana used to ride into battle with a troop of chihuahuas at his back as they were believed to have magical abilities. In my mind I saw this phalanx as five chihuahuas spread behind him…. and thus the name!”

As I said, couldn’t be prouder.

*Always the advocate, Jemesii has a soft spot for rescue animals and some of her product will be donated to dogs with demodex mange, a debilitating but reversible condition that can be particularly severe in cases of neglect.

12 responses to “Five Chihuahuas and one proud mama

  1. thanks mom! wonderful writeup!

    ❤ Jemesii

  2. It is a wonderful write-up, Jemesii, but well-deserved, it seems. Those sweatshirts are just adorable. Happy pooches to be cuddled up in those, for sure! My little Grace is a street-dog from Puerto Rico and last Christmas my husband gave me a DNA test for her. Of course, lineage wasn’t important to someone who rescued a street-dog, but I was so interested to see what it would fine, figuring that there were so many combinations in her that it would be inconclusive. But to my surprise, one-half of Grace is 100% chihuahua! (The other half, not so easy.) It went back three generations, so she has to be first-generation-street-dog. She’s adorable and wonderful and I can see why you are pulled to chihuahuas! Best of luck in your business venture.

    • What a great story–Grace sounds like a well loved dog. So fun that you looked into her genetic background, and that she is half chihuahua (a breed that now has a big ol part of my heart). Glad you got her off the streets and into a good home (she is also well traveled!). I will pass your good wishes on to Jem…


    • Why thank you! Kala, my gorgeous model, is a rescue dog who is half chi much like your Grace!! we may end up getting her a DNA test someday as well, as we know her mum was a chi but are not sure about her dad. kudos on taking on a street dog; I intend to eventually have 5 chi’s in my own herd and would like to have at least one special needs dog (there is currently a 3 legged chi mix on petfinder that I’m in love with but shes not available for adoption outsider her home state)

      I’m having an utter blast with this company and have already made a few connections with people who do rescues and have the demodex babies.

      ❤ jemesii

      • Kala is indeed gorgeous! Love all the expressions as she models her treasures. When I adopted Grace, I was not expecting her to be a special needs dog (or at least not to the level) but she definitely it. There have been lots of challenging moments, but I wouldn’t change a thing. She has taught me more than I would have thought possible. And the mutual love runs deep. Quite special. It’s wonderful what you are doing to help the demodex condition, too.

      • Kala came to us with some anxiety (she was weaned too early) and was present when her sister Olive was mauled earlier this year…. as a result she now has what I can only characterize as puppy PTSD. she needs some extra love and attention but shes in the right home for it!

        and my first demodex baby got her sweatshirts today!!

  3. That doggy sweat shirt with the ears is adorable. Good luck Jemesii’ and her Five Chihuahuas! ~Catherine


    Adorable!  Dave told me of Jem’s new business venture.  Good luck to Five Chihuahuas!

    How are you doing?  Please keep in touch.  You’re on everyone’s minds here in Matty and beyond.

    Love and hugs, Meema/mum

    • Hey Meema, I am holding in there. Incredibly busy; in fact somethings got to go and I think it ought to be the cancer 🙂

      I am so proud of Jem. She’s a crafty one! And please give a big howdy to my fam on the South Shore!

      love, Linnea

      • I’ve got 2 chihuahuas and we could use some new swag :). Will definitely be checking out some new sweatshirts for them at her shop!

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