Daily Archives: October 9, 2012

Five Chihuahuas and one proud mama

Kala modeling ‘blue and coral bunny ears’

Jemesii has started her own business on Etsy, and I’m busting with pride. Five Chihuahuas offers a bevy of whimsical and warm sweatshirts for pooches  large and small (sizes xs-xxl).

Our daughter Jemesii has always been enormously creative. Although she possesses a degree in metal smithing, her love of adornment extends well beyond jewelry; shoes, tattoos, clothing and cupcakes–all beloved and bedazzled. Five Chihuahuas is a wonderful fusion of Jem’s fashion sensibility and her devotion to animals. Not just canine couture, but a source* of comforting warmth when the temperature drops.

Jemesii’s explanation of how she came up with the name Five Chihuahuas is beguiling: “I began to research chihuahuas and learned more about their mysterious history; I like to explain to people that chihuahuas used to be the “unicorns” of the dog world. There is a legend that the Mexican general Santa Ana used to ride into battle with a troop of chihuahuas at his back as they were believed to have magical abilities. In my mind I saw this phalanx as five chihuahuas spread behind him…. and thus the name!”

As I said, couldn’t be prouder.

*Always the advocate, Jemesii has a soft spot for rescue animals and some of her product will be donated to dogs with demodex mange, a debilitating but reversible condition that can be particularly severe in cases of neglect.