This one’s a YES!

On Monday I went to Boston for my six week CT scan. My mom, Evalynn and stepfather, Jim were visiting from their home in Utah and they came along. After having my labs drawn, Dr. Shaw and Margeurite (all time favorite nurse) were kind enough to step into the waiting room for a brief introduction. It meant the world to my parents, and made the day a special one.

That evening Alice (Dr. Shaw) called after having viewed the CT scans along with two radiologists. The results were a bit astounding–there appeared to be no significant change. This news caught me  a bit off guard as I had been preparing myself for anything except stability. Now I had the option of staying on drug for six more weeks. It took a couple of seconds to adjust my mindset (cancer really teaches you to think on your feet) before deciding yes, this was the obvious choice. As we ended our conversation, Alice cautioned that she would receive confirmation once measurements were taken and the actual report was written.

Yesterday Alice called once again; my scans were really, truly, stable. So, here I am, on the edge, but holding. And I am fine, make that better than fine, with my current status. I’m on a journey, and this traveler plans to take her time. It’s going to be back roads, blue highways and the scenic route for me.

78 responses to “YES!

  1. Great news! Let’s try and reschedule our visit soon. Let me know if you have any upcoming plans to visit Boston.

  2. kathleen Gereghty

    Great news!! So happy for you. The picture says it all.

  3. Excellent news! Great picture as always! I love the way you are telling your story. I can picture it as a wonderful book.

  4. Fabulous!!!
    and what an incredible photo. I am continually amazed at your never ending streak of creativity and stamina.

    • Thanks Cheryl. We all have our defining characteristics that can occasionally be put to good use, and stamina is one of mine (slow, but steady).


  5. Yes! I am doing my happy dance over here. You started my day with hope and faith and beauty in the world.

  6. Very happy to hear this wonderful news!

  7. TAH DAH!! I’m so happy for you! the photo says it all!!!!

  8. Dearest Linnea!

    May your blessings be bountiful!



  9. Yeah!!! You did it again!!!

  10. What a picture! and what a word, YES! Congratulations!

  11. ❤ I like the exuberant title Momma, and of course the wonderful news (which I already knew <3)

  12. So happy to see this news, Linnea! You made my day. 🙂

  13. Send copy of photo. Need to put up in my office. It’s all things Linnea.

  14. Linnea, I am a follower of your blog and it has given me much encouragement. My husband also has StageIV lung cancer. He received results this week that the lung tumor has no change even though there are tumors on his spine again. I was captured by your phrase “teaches us to think on our toes” as I was attempting to express just how prepared one must always be with cancer on my blog this morning. Congratulations on your good news. Always a blessing not to go backwards! Hedy King.

    • Hedy, it is hard to have the good news tempered by the bad, but as you know, we learn to roll with all of this (some how, some way). I wish your husband the very best. thank you for your kind words and I will now pay a visit to your blog.


  15. Super fabulous news and picture. Both speak volumes. Much love to you.

  16. So happy for you. Sending you all my lové and prayers from France.

  17. This is great news! It made me do the happy dance in the library! Which, as you recall, is not at all out of place around here. Yippee!

  18. You are so right Linnea is a journey..and your journey is lived to the fullest! Thanks for sharing oh soooo much of yourself. Blessings!

  19. Linnea, so glad to hear your most recent scans are stable–There is such a beauty in the peace you’ve found. Life is indeed a journey…Wishing you joy and the most scenic route….By the way, I loved your outfit in the photo… You look great!!!

    • Carrie, thank you on all counts–those pants are truly silly (vintage hip hop) but I think they are so much fun: Dr. Seuss, Circuses, that sort of thing…

      Great to hear from you!


  20. Adding my voice to the chorus – what AWESOME news Linnea! Congrats & BTW I LOVE the photo!

  21. YES is word I love to hear when it comes to GOOD news!!! love this news Linnea. So very happy ~ on another note I will be talking with a group of students at KSC, the school Sy was attending when he was diagnosed. Do you think you could send me a jpeg of that awesome photo for my collage of faces of people with lung cancer? It is just perfect! love you & stay stable my friend 🙂

  22. You’ve made my day! Go Linnea! Love and hugs and peace – Liz xxx

  23. Fabulous! YAY and a YIPPEE! Big Love, Deborah


    Wonderful picture!  Wonderful news!  Love, mum/meema

  25. The best gifts in life are the surprises. I’m delighted with and for you. xo Mary Wasserman

  26. It is a very good new. I am so happy for you. You always looks super pretty from your photo. Love, Joan.

  27. Great news! I pray for you every morning. BTW, great outfit!

  28. Jumping up and down here in Virginia! Way to go Linnea!
    xoxoxo Joan

  29. Linnea Love– This has to be one of your “most commented” on blog entries ever! The news is TOTALLY AWESOME, and the picture says it all! Love you, dear!!!

  30. This is wonderful! My wife is in the same boat and I am truly happy for you. Dr. Shaw is an exceptional oncologist and we are glad to have her. Also, there are now quite a few good drugs in clinical trials, targeting not only resistant forms of ALK but also HSP90 or PD-1 and I am sure there is more to come.

    • m, thank you and I’m glad your wife is fortunate enough to also have Dr. Shaw. I saw Alice today and we chatted some about the ALK inhibitors in the pipeline…there are several options and hopefully the current pace of research will not slow…if there was ever a hopeful time to have lung cancer, it is now.


  31. That is great news! So happy for you. I just ended my run on the LDK drug, but had great results. Looking for another one to hop on. I think your pictures are wonderful!

  32. YES INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!! What fabulous, fabulous news!!! So happy for you!! Keep it up, girl!

  33. So happy for your Linnea. Congratulations. Love the orange pants by the way. In fact I am in love with the colour orange – thinking of painting a wall orange. It’s a colour that says “alive” and it looks good on you!

  34. Hello Beryl, so good to hear from you. I am also in love with orange and always have been. It is so happy and warm too–I say, go for it with that wall!

    love, Linnea

  35. Linnea,

    It was nice meeting you with your son on Tuesday afternoon. This is quite an inspiring blog, and I wish you all the best.


    Anuj Desai

    • Anuj, how good of you to find the blog and to leave a comment! It was nice meeting you as well; I really enjoyed our conversation. I wish your daughter luck in this process! I would like to stay in touch and also perhaps learn more about your friend who has started the organization to aid patients…


  36. That is the best news I have heard! I am so happy for you. Keep up the trailblazing for all of the rest of us!

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