Flights of fancy

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And leaps of imagination. These are some of my favorite images from the shoot last week with my friend Sadie Dayton. Our day began early; we were on the beach at sunrise. Sporting at various times a bird mask, vintage silk lingerie, satin slippers, fishnet stockings, and Peter’s great grandfather’s dress tails, I frolicked in the early morning light as Sadie shot frame after frame.

We, Sadie and I, have always seen the best in each other. In some ways, she is like the twin I longed for as a child (oh–the trouble we could have gotten into!). Our mutual understanding and trust runs deep: in her presence, I am completely comfortable and free from inhibition.

When asked to take these pictures, Sadie said yes without hesitation. She understood the sense of urgency; my need to see just exactly where I am, right now.

Standing on terra firma, with spirit intact.

28 responses to “Flights of fancy

  1. Wow, Linnea. Just beautiful photos of you.

  2. Totally gorgeous and full of life and light – thank you!!

  3. kathleen Gereghty

    Lynnea.. what a beautiful, spirited and spiritual, fun loving WOMAN you are. These pictures are marvelous. Sadie brought out YOU. Thanks for sharing your pictures and yourself.

    • Kathleen, thank you. It is funny, because if I feel as if the pictures do represent the inside me. Sadie has a way…I wish everyone could have a session with her–they tend to be transformative!


  4. Very beautiful, and moving pictures, Linnea!

  5. WOW! Such magical pictures! And, you are so beautiful, Linnea!

  6. You are beautiful and those pictures are great. You really has live a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing.

  7. love love LOVE these photos~thank you for this gift

  8. Dear L, I’m thankful that Sadie swept in at this time, and that you marked that anniversary with these amazing images. You truly have never looked lovelier. Sadie really knows how to steer you to tap into the uninhibited.

    When I was reading Proust early yesterday morning, I came across a passage that really resonated, and I think might feel the same: “It is in sickness that we are compelled to recognize that we do not live alone but are chained to a being from a different realm, from whom we are worlds apart, who has no knowledge of us and by whom it is impossible to make ourselves understood: our body. Were we to meet a brigand on the road, we might perhaps succeed in making him sensible of his own personal interest if not of our plight. But to ask pity of our body is like discoursing in front of an octopus, for which our words can have no more meaning than the sound of the tides, and with which we should be appalled to find ourselves condemned to live.”

    Not inspirational (just true); but YOU are.


    • Dearest Wendy, when I first saw the earlier version of this comment (by buffy) I wondered who this Proust quoting individual was–of course, it is you!! Thank you for the kind words but also the quote, it is incredible, gives me goose flesh (such powerful imagery!!) and makes me want to read some Proust, something this girl has not yet done. To the top of the list!!

      love, Linnea

  9. These pictures are sooooo fun, sooooo full of life. I can see you have an appreciation for the past (love all those vintage costumes) and yet also have the ability to live comfortably in the present (with such style and abandon for what that must have looked like for any casual observer — you can be who you are anywhere). There is such talent and wisdom in both the model and the photographer. What a team you make! I could look at these (and have) over and over and smile the whole way through. Thank you for all you continue to share with us.

    • There were in fact some casual observers on the beach with us (two guys with metal detectors at first light) and we were tossed an odd look or two. Oblivious!! Tucked tight into our own world on that morning. And if I can confess, I have looked at the pictures more than once and smiled as well. I keep telling Sadie that she, through her images, has the ability to transform and to make us see things (or ourselves) in another light. That is a rare gift.


  10. Just beautiful. Need to get me some of them fishnet stockings!

  11. Spectacular. LOVE these. Vogue will be calling soon.

  12. Beeeeutiful! There is a lot of life left in you.

  13. Linnea, these are beautiful!

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