Late yesterday David and I traveled to Portland Maine for a delectable meal at Hugos.  Not just any old night out on the town, we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. To show how much he loved me, my husband wore his nantucket red chinos and the apple green topsiders that have been languishing in his closet. It pleased me, and in turn I donned a frothy skirt of amber tulle; one of our servers said it brought to mind an adult version of a ballerina’s frock.

It is hard to believe it has been twenty years, and that our flower girl is now twenty seven and herself four years married; the ring bearer an all grown up twenty six. On that summer day in 1992, the groom wore his grandfather’s tux and the bride an antique champagne colored lace and silk shift. The master of ceremonies was a justice of the peace, and Jemesii and August stood beside David and I as we took our vows. When we signed the marriage license, they placed their signatures next to ours.

It is an accomplishment, these twenty years. We have found ourselves challenged but also blessed, our three children being the best of all we share. Yesterday, we celebrated. Tomorrow, there will be an early morning session with the marriage counselor. Because love is worth fighting for.

24 responses to “twentieth

  1. best invitation I have ever ever seen! love it. Congratulations on yet another accomplishment many only dream of. love you dearly

    • Love you back Lorraine (I put together those invites with press on letters–way, way back before I had any computer skills!!)


  2. Love is strong and help you to fight…you are unbelievable. Take care, I am back to France since 1 week but I will follow you from here. Much love. Babette

    • Babette, I hope you are enjoying being back in France. My messages from you will be like little postcards from abroad!

      love, Linnea

  3. I had forgotten just how precious and unique your wedding announcement was! Beautiful! I do remember all ladies were to wear hats. I still have mine–although I haven’t worn it lately.:) 🙂
    May you have many, many more blessed years together!

    • Carolyn, yes, we all had straw hats with flowers around the brim. And by the way, I have always loved it when you use the word precious (tickles me, it does).

      love, Linnea

  4. Love those invitations and also the evening attire for your anniversary dinner! Warm congratulations on your true love and the journey it is taking you on. Thank you for sharing the reality of the moments with us.

  5. Happy, Happy Anniversary, you two!!!! We wish you all the very, very best!!! Love Pat & Will

    • Hey guys, rumor has it you’ll be on the hill soon. Hope life has been treating you kindly and maybe we will have a chance to get up to see you!

      love, Linnea

  6. Kathleen Gereghty

    Congratulations!! And Amen, marriage is worth fighting for!

  7. David is a lucky man indeed! To marry into such a wonderful family and them to compete the circle with Pete. Cheers to you both ( and to marriage counseling – for if not for that blessed support who knows where my marriage would be today…)

    • Amy, I am not above telling him how lucky he is 🙂 I always thought my kids were a catch!! And Peter is just the icing on the cake.

      So far so good on the counseling (as in, we feel the counselor is a good one); glad to hear you are a happy consumer…keep on keeping on.


  8. Much love and congratulations to you both on your 20th anniversary. Lovely anecdote of David wearing red chinos and apple green topsiders to please you. Little things matter.

  9. Linnea,
    What a beautiful message and what a wonderful day it must have been. Congratulations and wishes for many more anniversaries. Life is such a blessing and to appreciate all the small things is one of the only good things that cancer has given us. Bless you and your family.

  10. Joan Zimmermann

    Congratulations you two! Tulle and topsiders are an unbeatable combination.

  11. Happy 20th Anniversary and congratulations to you all!

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