Just a few things

First, Jemesii and Jamie have adopted a new puppy, and her name is Fig. So far we have had to satisfy ourselves with photos and the little videos Jem posts on Facebook, but Miss Fig is cute as a button and we are very much looking forward to making her acquaintance.

Secondly, a shout out to my stepfather, Jim. After a lifelong career as an engineer, educator and administrator, Jim has not taken retirement sitting down. He is the full time caretaker of our mother Evalynn, whose health has rapidly declined in the past few years. She has battled both breast and kidney cancer and now must contend with limited mobility in addition to advanced macular degeneration. An excellent painter at one time, my mom was also an avid patron of the arts, an interest she shares with Jim. Their home in St. George houses a large collection of paintings and sculpture. Now almost blind, sadly much of what mom previously enjoyed is no longer viable, but my parents have continued to attend local concerts and often listen to books on tape together.

In addition to caring for mom, Jim does all of the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and maintenance of their yard and pool. In his spare time he plays a mean game of golf, produces and records his own music, dabbles in photography and knocks out creative writing. In fact, he recently wrote and published a charming e book, titled Two Boys and a Dog, which can be purchased for download from either Kindle or iBooks. At the age of 79, Jim shows no signs of slowing down.

I am inspired by my stepfather’s enthusiasm and motivation, and feel like a bit of a slacker in comparison. However, I have a small announcement of my own:  I am drawing and painting again.

Of all the mysteries in my life, one of the greatest is why it has become so very difficult for me to devote time to making art. Ever since I was a small child, I have wanted to be an artist, and I remained devoted to my craft until I became a mother. Since then, it has been fits and starts. Until my fiftieth birthday, I was still using the tired line that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I will allow that I have always exercised creativity, but lately that practice has been primarily limited to writing and photography.

However, pencils and paint were my first love and I am ready to revisit them. In fact, after I tuck into a little lunch, I’m going to wedge open the skylight in my little ‘studio’ under the eaves, and give it another go. May it become a habit.

19 responses to “Just a few things

  1. damn that’s a cute puppy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love you!

  2. Shore is. That picture kind of makes me feel all crinkly and weak in the knees. When do we get to meet ?

    love, gdma linnea

  3. asap!

    ❤ jemesii

  4. Linnea –
    You DESERVE to spend time doing what brings you joy. We sometimes forget this in our day-to-day living. I am glad that you are taking care of your “spirit.”

    • Thanks Robin–I don’t know why it is sometimes easier to wash the dishes than it is to take the initiative to start something I love…but there it is. Day four of painting!!!


  5. just downloaded the book and am so excited to read it – and I am also looking forward to one day meeting Fig and Kala – and of course seeing your new Art work – PS – I have many pints of freshly picked Blueberries in my freezer for you!

  6. Yeah, Linnea! I am so happy for you—and also for the world with which you will share your talent! May you continue painting forever!

    Thanks also for sharing the incredible story of Jim. Give him my best!


    • Carolyn, thanks, and I shall (give Jim your best) and I couldn’t agree with you more, may I never stop 🙂


  7. I have always thought of you as an artist. I think it’s more about the creative spirit than the volume of product.

    • Hey Cindy, thank you (from the top and the bottom of my heart). And, I am remiss in never having responded to the lovely email you sent around after the reunion–it was wonderful seeing you again and isn’t it great to know we had such good taste in friends in our youth!! And that we can still be friends now!!


  8. Fig is just precious and I love her name, too. Lucky pup to have such a caring home. Having absolutely no artistic ability when it comes to drawing, painting, etc, I would love to see some of your work and hope you will post some. Perhaps a picture of Fig???

    • Ah…you are prescient. I have promised Jem some paintings of her dogs!! And I must agree, little Fig is a cutie pie!!


      ps: at some point, I promise to share some of my ‘work’.

      • I’m just going to pop in here and mention you and your ‘work’…. Mom is a astoundingly talented painter, I have an apartment filled with her work. and I say that as a full blown outspoken art snob 🙂

        and Fig is totally precious and hysterical………… her nickname is Figgy the Fearsome ❤

  9. Jem is a genius of dog-naming.
    I bet Fig will be a brilliant model for a new painting. Or maybe a brilliant subject for a new painting as I suppose puppies are not the most co-operative of models… Here’s to new work!!

    • Jemesii, I now bestow upon you the title of genius dog namer. Sayeth Cristina (I believe she shall be most complimented).

      love, L

      ps: mundanities (albeit important ones) have kept me from the ‘studio’ this week. Tomorrow, I shall charge back in.

  10. Hi Linnea- how did Jemesii get to be a full-blown art snob, I wonder? Fig is adorable. I hope to see your new opuses, opera, opi (wait a minute let me check the Latin dictionary) very soon! On a note of somewhat lesser talent, must let you know that my daughter is working on an anatomy coloring book, using my pastel pencils. A surprisingly good study aid. Hope you are feeling exceptionally fine.

    • Joan, Jemesii is a loyal daughter and a fabulous artist in her own right. My house is full of her art!! Also, I can tell you that she, Jemesii, used to color in those anatomy coloring books just for fun. They are pretty fabulous!!



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