Under a dark cloud

I have been in Fort Collins, Colorado for the past four days attending my 35th high school reunion. Although part of the planning committee, it was touch and go as to whether or not I could even attend, as the High Park Fire (which has scorched over 55,000 acres and destroyed 181 homes since June 9th) is burning with abandon in the mountains just north and west of my home town.

I delayed my arrival by two days, and came armed with two N95 filtration masks and a portable hepa air purifier. I’ve had a wonderful time and the air quality has been manageable until today, when strong winds out of the west stoked the fire and drove a hazy cloud of smoke and ash over town. My son August (who lives and works in Fort Collins) took this photo several hours ago:

7 responses to “Under a dark cloud

  1. I hope you are safe and breathing well. I’m about 90 miles south and I can smell the smoke… Robin

  2. How long will you be in town? Would love to see you.
    Cheryl (Wolf) Gadwa

  3. Oh my goodness – what an image. My thoughts are going out to all those families impacted by the fire.

  4. Stay safe. Breathe well.

  5. cathe denz-polonsky

    You are brave to go at all! But then, you wrote the book on brave…Love and hugs, Cathe

  6. Hi Linnea,
    Just to let you know that my dear friend passed away on June 5th…she was 41 year old…2 daughters (10 and 12)…I am so sad…I have no words…but I will keep going on your blog and admiring how strong you are. You are so inspiring for me…Love and hugs

    • Babette, I am so very sorry to hear this news. Such a good friend you have been, and I am sure your heart is breaking. I am also left with the feeling that there are no words…it is simply so sad. You are in my thoughts.


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