Oh those cows

After reading my last post and in particular the part about the ‘the cows getting out of the barn’, my friend Katie happened upon a news clip pertaining to six loose bovine in Boxford, Massachusetts. She felt my metaphor come to life might just amuse me, and it has:

Police probe bovine beer bash in Boxford

Thank you Katie. These cows have made my day. As has the hilarious detail that the selectman was wearing worn out LL Bean slippers. It could only happen in New England.

2 responses to “Oh those cows

  1. Beer. The inevitable result of animal domestication. Must I hide my wine from the deer? I suspect them of having more sophisticated palates than their distant cousins. Plus they are slim. They might be French!
    Thanks for that laugh, Linnea.

  2. Dearest Joan, I can count on you to laugh with me.



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