More Marfa: gallery

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5 responses to “More Marfa: gallery

  1. These pix are so great. Also seeing Pete’s buzz cut! From what high vantage point did you take that one shot? There doesn’t seem to be anything that tall in all of Marfa. I hope you’ll pick me up something good at the Prada sale. You know I have absolute trust in your taste.
    Enjoy your Marfa time!

    • Cristina, The stuff in the Prada store was a bit dusty and the shoes have no mates, so I passed. You can climb to the inside of the tower in the county courthouse, where there is a 360 degree view of Marfa and beyond, and that is where I took that picture. You must, I mean must, come sometime.

      Love, L

  2. More great pictures – I really like the snaps from inside the gallery.

    • It is a pretty cool place–lots of natural beauty but with an artsy vibe. Somethings for everyone!


  3. Sharon Burrell

    Love these pictures and your writing.

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