Out of Office

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Marfa Time! It is Peter’s spring break and we’ve decamped to Texas, where temperatures have been in the high nineties and rain is a distant memory. First, some chores: mopping floors and wiping down dust. Then, a reward for all our hard work; a splendid meal out at Cochineal. It is definitely the celebrity hotspot in town, and we noticed Feist, who was performing the following evening at the Crowley Theatre. Sadly, it was a sold out show and the Duffs were not in attendance.

Day two we really settled in. David changed the battery in his old Chevy truck, Pete got a buzz cut, and I took down and washed all the curtains. I finally entered vacation mode and have been riding my bike around town taking photos;  the first installment is above.

10 responses to “Out of Office

  1. Have a wonderful holiday in Marfa Linnea. That restaurant sounds wonderful. Sorry you couldn’t get tickets for Feist. I found her version of “Islands in the Stream” some time ago and play it often. I always thought the song was so country and not my taste in music at all but I love this version.

    • Beryl, one of the things I love about you is your roving curiosity coupled with an appreciation for all sorts of wonderful. You would have enjoyed the meal, that is certain. I am sorry we missed the concert, but in truth, most concerts of this sort are attended by a fair number of folks who smoke right outside the door, and it is painful to walk through the gauntlet. I do like some of her songs very much; I had never heard this before and I thank you for sharing. Hope you are well.

      Love, Linnea

  2. Linnea I just have to share how wonderful my yoga class was yesterday evening. We had live music. Forest played the didgeridoo and Alan played the Tibetan singing bowls. The class is in the foyer of a church with high ceilings and made of stone and wood. The sound was primitive and vibrations filled the space. Absolutely amazing. You would have loved it. It is supposed to have healing powers and I thought about you.
    A big hug.

    • Beryl, it sounds positively magical. Even given my lack of ‘belonging’, I love the spaces inside churches (those that are well done) and have always enjoyed visiting cathedrals in my travels. Doing yoga in such a venue with didgeridoo and Tibetan singing bowls providing ambience must have been transcendent. Thank you for those thoughts…

      Love, Linnea

  3. The Prada store shot is priceless! Can that possibly be real? If so, wait for the sale. I hope you are having a fine time.

    • Joan, real is very subjective in this case. It is in fact an ‘art’ piece and is actually located in Valentine (almost, but not quite, a ghost town). A bit cheeky but lots of fun.

      Love, Linnea

  4. cheryl shields

    Thinking about you. I know you’re making the most out of every moment in Texas with your posse. Can’t wait to hear more details upon your return.
    Thank you Beryl for the wonderful music

    • Hey Cheryl, it was a splendid respite. We’ve returned to a very green and wet New England. As it should be.


  5. Have a lovely holiday – that gallery captures some striking images (I particularly like the Prada store with a desert in the background).

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