Self Portrait

Little head, long legs...must be me.

This is what we call a cheap shot. On Sunday we took Peter to a reunion for the MIT chapter of Camp Kesem and the grown-ups had some time to roam the halls. In case it is not readily apparent, I snapped the picture in the ladies room. I am using it to illustrate the fact that I am ‘stalling’…(so, so bad, but please just roll with it). Real content of substance shall follow shortly.



7 responses to “Self Portrait

  1. well what can I say.. Nice clean bathroom !

  2. Dear Linnea
    I have become a follower of your blog. My husband was diagnosed 10 months ago with NSCLC stage 4. Never smoked, age 44. It was devistating. we have young children and I never anticipated such a thing to happan. After a few courses of chemo that were very bad, he was fourtunatly found to be ALK positive. Now on crizotinib, with very good results. One can say that it seems now that he is not sick. I read your past and current blogs as it gives me medical information, with sometimes the sad truth, but also hope. Continue writing…you have listeners.

    • Goldi, I am sorry about your husband’s diagnosis. There was a time when I felt my case to be isolated, but sadly there are too many of us with similar stories. I am, however, glad your husband was found to have the ALK mutation. Chemo can be so difficult, and harder still if it is not effective. To return to a place where you once again feel healthy is such a gift; and it fortifies you for whatever may lay ahead. I hope it works for him for a long, long time. You can take great comfort in the fact that it will not be his only option.


  3. Hmmm, stalling… ok, but we all miss you on Thursdays 🙂

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