Looking like a character from Dr. Seuss

Looking like a character from Dr. Seuss

4 responses to “Sprung!

  1. I love your fiddlehead photos Linnea ~ you are such an inspiration, makes me want to get out there with my camera!

  2. Linnea ! Did you pick any? I’m trying to find wild asparagus this spring. I don’t have much to go on as to timing but I saw a guy collecting some plant near my house last spring. Where is my mother’s old Yule gibbons book ?

    • Michael, I think fiddleheads might be an acquired taste and I’m not quite there yet. I would love to know more about foraging as well (and if I were really brave, mushrooms in the wild). Once, while kayaking in the Pacific, David and I saw some guy who looked like father time (or Mr. Natural–take your pick) and he was sort of parked on a reef plucking something from the ocean and eating it. Unable to resist, we paddled on over and tried some fresh seaweed. Evidently, there is even a deadly version of that, but we didn’t know that. Ah nature, in all her many guises. I miss Yule.


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