When push comes to shove

Never underestimate the power of a greeting card. The image on the left is from a blank (no words needed) Hallmark card I purchased at the pharmacy yesterday.

I have a dear friend who is at a tough place in her battle against lung cancer. She remains very hopeful that the treatment she just began will be effective. My friend is a formidable fighter–fierce, in fact. Full of life and a beautiful spirit, she could not be any stronger or more brave. If that stone can be moved, she shall do it.



6 responses to “When push comes to shove

  1. What a beautiful visual sentiment that card is. I can almost see those boulders moving already.

  2. As they say a picture portrays a thousand words…PERFECTION!

    • Lorraine, there was a time in my life where I didn’t ‘get’ the whole concept of greeting cards, but as it turns out, I’m a sucker for a good one.


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