The thin places

There was a beautiful article written by Eric Weiner in the travel section of the Sunday NY Times today; Where Heaven and Earth Come Closer. The opening paragraph reads:

“Travel, like life, is best understood backward but must be experienced forward, to paraphrase Kierkegaard. After decades of wandering, only now does a pattern emerge. I’m drawn to places that beguile and inspire, sedate and stir, places where, for a few blissful moments I can loosen my death grip on life, and can breathe again. It turns out these destinations have a name:  thin place.”

According to the author the term a thin place may have Celtic origins; “Heaven and earth, the Celtic saying goes, are only three feet apart, but in the thin places that distance is even shorter.” It is a gloriously well written piece and although spiritual in nature, some of the ‘thin places’ described are not what you might expect. I encourage you to follow the link and read it all the way through; it is charming, lively and just might make your day.

PS:  Upon reflection, I would like to add a post script. I believe that access to the ‘thin place’ is more a state of mind than a matter of place. Few of us have the means or ability to travel the world, but if we allow ourselves to simply see, feel and be; to quiet the chatter in our heads and view the world in the raw, uncluttered way that a child does, we will realize that the thin places are in fact all about us.

6 responses to “The thin places

  1. Hey you, just catching up on all the posts and good news. They’re sending me into this evening feeling very happy. I always get to the Sunday Times several days later (MCT has a lockdown on Sunday), but I’ll be sure to read this piece. Love you, W. p.s. Your winter photos continue to knock my socks off. xx

    • Wendy, I have first dibs on Sunday paper at our house as well, so I get it. Don’t miss the article–now (of course) I want to be friends with the author 🙂 And, I WILL get up a pond portfolio. I don’t know how a person can be so very scheduled (moi) and yet not be gainfully employed. It confuses me.

      Love, Linnea

  2. Thank you, for giving me an inspirational beginning of the week!
    Strong ones for you!

    • Anja, inspirational is how we like to start those weeks! Thinking of you and Ingo clasping hands whenever you passed your special spot…love, Linnea

  3. Dear Linnea – what an interesting article. I have been in Bs.As. for a couple of weeks and it has many things going for it, especially the food! However, a thin place it is not. I noticed for the first time that it has a very negative energy which is quite unsettling. At first I thought it was because I was here for the first time without Guillermo but that’s not it. I will be home soon and one of the first things I will do is take the dogs for a walk in the ravine close to home and think about thin places to visit.

    • Beryl, it is funny; with the new WordPress support which reports back on where readers are logging in from, I feel as if I could see you (several hits from Argentina). Interesting that you felt a negative energy and that it was not just the lack of your favored companion Gil. I have been several places in my travels where that negative energy is overwhelming. I believe it is a tangible thing; certainly animals, more in touch with the ‘otherness’, show signs of extreme agitation in certain environments.

      Enjoy the walk with the dogs. They may have some thoughts on this subject as well 🙂

      Love, Linnea

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