Parting Shot

2 responses to “Parting Shot

  1. Linnea, I hope you are feeling better.

    My husband I and were at MGH when they were still working on this building. Remember watching the men working through the glass when I was taking a walk while waiting for my husbands blood draws. Didn’t realize this would be a new wing for the cancer center. Always nice to have a room to yourself especially one that is nice and new. : )

    Michael (my husband) is still off the Xalkori until after MRIs tomorrow and Wednesday. But we believe its not the drug so hopefully he can start up again soon. He went through ENT and eye exams Friday. Seems he’s going to need two eye surgeries (cateracts and one for diabetes complications) and the ENT did a simple manipluation to help with his vertigo. The Doctor believes he had stones that developed from some infection in his inner ear causing the dizziness. He feels better but still has to sleep upright in the lazyboy for a few days.

    Hope all goes well Tuesday.


    • Lisa, I’m glad they could blame his symptoms on some relatively benign causes. After you have cancer, it’s hard to not see every ache and pain as suspicious. I hope hi gets back on drug (and me too!) soon. Aren’t lazy boys a fantastic invention?


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