Heart y’all

I’m feeling nostalgic for those February fourteenths where my kids were still small. They’d arrive home from school sticky with pink frosting, a paper bag stuffed with valentines from their friends in one hand, a homemade card for their Mom in the other. One of my favorites:

11 responses to “Heart y’all

  1. I know its not the same but Kala has a question for you…

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ jemesii

  2. Happy Heart Day, Linnea. I’ve been thinking about you. The only things I have hoarded over the years are the kids’ drawings, sculptings, etc. Homemade is the sweetest.
    Hope you are keeping warm up there in the Great North.

    • Joan, I have been thinking of you too. Just read a book you might want to read, Kayak Morning by Roger Rosenblatt. Not a perfect book but filled with lots of splendid passages. I should have liked to have been his editor so as to strip it down to a slimmer, finer volume.

      This can’t be an easy day (holidays and hamsters are put on earth to break our hearts a little more) but I wish you love.


      • Thanks Linnea- you are a sweetheart to recommend a book- I am always looking for those. You and I obviously have similar views on bloated prose, but I will check it out (kayaking sounds too tempting).

        Today could have been a lot worse. As it was, I received a lovely bear hug, from the requisite party, in a dream this morning, making things better. Read your friend Stephanie’s blog and some of Michael’s comments on her passing. I will pay a little homage today on my post.
        Thanks for the love (and man do we know about hamsters). Back at you for the love.

  3. Enjoy your posts, Tina Meranda patient at MGH on ldk378 trial since early december 2011.

  4. I HEART Linnea,
    Pretty great card from Pete of Long Ago.

  5. my 3 year old son just received his first valentines from school friends this year. we had much fun looking through them together.

    all of your posts ring so true to me. brighten and refresh my day.

    these simple things are the most important 🙂 thank you for always helping me remember and connect with this knowledge.

    • Jessica, if I were to choose a time in my life that was the sweetest, it would be when my kids were little. Cherish it!


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