And it snows…

4 responses to “And it snows…

  1. Dear Linnea – lovely photos of snow. We have had a very weird winter so far. Three times a dusting of snow, a few days with bitterly cold temperatures and the rest of the time unseasonably mild weather. I walked for two hours in the snow of Friday and it seemed that the world was as it should be. I am very sorry about your friend Rob. It gets harder to post condolences.

  2. Beryl, good to hear from you. It has become more difficult to post in general, with sad news so very often. The only solution would be to not get close to people in the same predicament as I am in, and that I can’t do.

    I am hoping you got through the holidays alright; they have an unpleasant way of reminding us who is absent. I think, and I believe Guillermo would have concurred, that although we cannot help being shaped by our losses, we must continue to nurture our individual abilities to fall in love with each day. Little things, like a dusting of snow, but enough to remind us that the world is yet beautiful.


  3. Girl, I LOVE this photo. Whistler’s palette. The encaustic creek (at least on my computer screen). XO W

  4. Hey W. I love that you love it. That’s part of our new back yard. One hundred yards to the left of the beaver den (a crafty, hardworking fellow and my current obsession). Love you,

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