Greeting from an old friend

Following one of my recent appointments in Boston, I took a stroll along Charles St. to do some stocking stuffer shopping (chocolate, in a wide variety of amazing variations). I popped into a small stationary store, where I purchased the snowman/Kenmore Square postcard in my previous post. There was another greeting card that really grabbed my attention though. Upon spying it, my first thought (just a bit self-indulgent) was that I would really love it if someone sent that card to me.

As I was paying for my two purchases, I said to the salesclerk, “would you like to hear something really terrible?” Mais oui! She loved hearing terrible things. Well, perhaps I’d built it up a bit much, but I told her that I planned to mail the special card to myself. “Oh! I hope you do!” She said. That was all the encouragement I needed.

The next morning I mailed some packages as well as an envelope addressed to myself.

Peter was with me the next day when I fetched our mail from the box. “Oh look”, I said, “a card for me!” As he looked over my shoulder with mild curiosity, I opened my beautiful card. Inside was written, Love, Linnea.

Peter’s response was his typical, “Oh gawd, Mom. You are such a dork”. But then he said, “The next time you need emergency affirmation just let me know.”

That boy’s going to make someone very happy someday. And the card looks lovely on the wall of my closet.

18 responses to “Greeting from an old friend

  1. sweet, sweet, story.
    Cheryl Shields

  2. When I was about 12 I really wanted a mattress for Christmas (I had a hand me down on the floor since the box springs were also shot.) I got a dog instead (she was sweet, but not exactly what I asked for!)

    I’ve since bought a few mattresses, but today, we went shopping and soon to be delivered will be a lovely organic cotton and wool specimen with a fluffy wool topper (encased in organic cotton.) So far from what I had in mind and so cloud like.

    I told M about your need for a GPS and this was my must have right now.

    Happy New Year, you BIG DEAL!

    • Stephanie, some story. Who could deny a 12 year old a request for a Christmas mattress? Although, a dog is pretty swell. My sister Binky has a similar tale of asking for a donkey (really!) and I can’t remember the nature of her consolation prize, but she was awfully disappointed with whatever it was.

      Your new mattress sounds heavenly. And very organic and natural. And I love your logic (my must have right now–tonight I walked into the kitchen saying ‘I need wine. Do we have wine?’ It was my must have).

      So–sweet, sweet dreams on your wooly cloud.

      and (said sheepishly; keeping with the theme here) thanks for being the sort of friend who calls me a BIG DEAL. I THINK YOU’RE ONE TOO!


  3. I am totally with you! You ARE kind of a big deal. πŸ™‚
    Lovely card. You deserve it.

  4. I LOVE this story. Good for you. Be sure to look at it each and every day.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2012.

    • Sally, I have lots of happy little messages in my closet; not to mention a photo my friend Sadie took of me almost seven years ago now (post chemo). My eyes are shut because I wanted to see what I’d look like when I was dead (I’m not kidding–she’s the sort of friend you can request such a quirky favor of). Of course, she paired it with one of me with my signature smiles πŸ™‚


  5. Elephants are absolutely one of the most sensitive, intuitive, kind and nurturing beings on our great planet so it only makes sense that you would be drawn to such a beautiful card with an Elephant on it – you are a human version of an Elephant – oh, maybe that doesn’t sound right….. love ya

    • Amy, it sounds just right. I had a big thing (Ha!) for elephants when I was younger. And so, everybody gave me elephants in one form or another. I no longer have the ‘collection’, but there will always be a place in my heart for those (generally) gentle creatures.

      Love ya miss ya,


  6. I cant tell you how many times my children call me a dork.. Sooo from one dork to another Happy New Year !

    • Annie, good thing we know better than to take offense (could be because I realize that on so many levels it is true). Happy New Year to you!


  7. Love it! Reminds me of a great story regarding one of my favorite drummers….when the Police were a small-time, struggling band, Stewart Copeland used to write letters to various music publications (with several different pen-names) raving about this incredible new drummer with a hot new band called the Police. He used copies of these printed letters to help secure his first drum endorsement with the Tama Drum Company (and continues to endorse their drums to this day). Self Affirmation (and promotion) can definitely be a good thing!

    Love you and Happy New Year!


    • John, thanks for putting Stweart Copeland and myself in the same thought bubble. I suppose his method was ultimately more useful, because he didn’t mail those rave reviews to himself and hang them in his closest like your sister did πŸ™‚ Miss you tons,

      Love, Linnea

  8. The present I received instead of the wished for donkey was an antique copper kettle that still resides in our mother’s living room. Just what every fourth grader wants : )

    Wish I’d sent you the card, cuz in my mind, “you’re kind of a big deal”
    Looking forward to some quality time with my sister soon.

    heaps o’ love, Bink

    • Bink, I wish you’d sent me that card too (as I’d then treasure it even more)! But hey, if you’d found it first, I bet you would have. And if I hadn’t been in need of ’emergency affirmation’ I would have mailed it to YOU! And thanks for setting the donkey story straight. It sure would be be swell if you and Stephanie could get together and swap tales (I’d be there as chaperone πŸ™‚ because you’d really get a kick out of her. A hot ticket just like yourself.

      Let’s talk soon about our own little reunion…love, Linnea

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