Quick anatomy of a holiday

It was a fine Christmas. And we weren’t without a tree–David brought home a ‘small’ eight footer several days prior. Peter and he were indeed in charge of hanging ornaments, although I couldn’t resist placing a few.

Jem, Jamie, Olive and Kala joined us for a late dinner on Christmas eve, and the girls (dogs) were beautifully dressed in Suessian outfits sewn by our creative daughter. David made a splendid roast, and I baked our traditional coffee cake for breakfast on Christmas morning, using my mother’s time honored recipe.

As Peter is now a mature fourteen, we rose at a leisurely hour;  a pleasant change from the past twenty-five or so collective Christmases. Everyone was pleased with their gifts (electric toothbrushes all around!) and David surprised me with two beautiful silk carpets he’d picked out and had shipped from Mumbai.

Calls were placed and received to and from all the family members not present, and for two days straight we enjoyed not going anywhere.

I now look forward to the New Year and all of the possibilities it will bring.

Jem's virtual fireplace and mini tree

Merry merry.

4 responses to “Quick anatomy of a holiday

  1. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

    I look forward to reading all your posts. This is my first time to write anything, but I do respond in my heart to everything on your site,

    Cheryl Shields

  2. Cheryl, I recall the time we ran into each other at MGH. How are you doing? I wish health and happiness to you as well.


  3. Linnea, What is the first image of? I’ve been staring at it and the best I can make of it is a blue gem in the bottom of a wine glass with the light refracting in kaleidoscopic ways. Cheers

    • Pretty good Michael. It is actually a broken silvered ornament, which I pulled from it’s nest in the box of decorations that way. I found it beautiful in it’s broken state. Cheers


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