Daily Archives: November 30, 2011

Yet another

Thanksgiving was in New Hampshire this year. My brother John, his fiancee Amanda, and her pooch Max traveled from Colorado.  Jem and Jamie drove up from New Bedford with their two dogs Olive and Kala. Jem’s friend Hannah joined us from Boston. My mom, Evalynn and my stepfather Jim flew in from Utah. Ten people, four dogs, one scary turkey (but yummy and benign post roasting) and platters full of delicious food. And much to be grateful for.

Most of the crowd left for home early Friday morning, but Jim and Ev stayed another three days.

On Saturday I celebrated my birthday. That’s seven since my diagnosis with lung cancer and fifty-two total (not shy about stating my age, because getting old is the objective). Once upon a time I thought I’d likely never see the half century mark. And here I am, all grown up and maybe even getting old.

I received many nice cards (like the one on the left from W & C, who always send fab greetings) as well as lots of phone calls from loved ones, packages and three, almost four, Garmins (GPS system).

The first Garmin arrived in the form of a check from my stepmom Carolyn, so that’s the one I will keep. I shall name the disembodied voice of the GPS  after my generous benefactor (who also sings happy birthday to me over the phone every year, and who has the loveliest voice). Thank you John and David as well, and Jim and Ev for offering. I shall think of you all every time I don’t get lost.

David’s gift to me magically transformed into an iPad, which is something I shall get a lot of use out of while I hurry up and wait for appointments. And he also took my parents and Pete and I to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, Maine.

The sun had gone down  moments  before we parked our car. As we walked to the restaurant we were treated to an overhead show of the most amazing color of blue; sort of a translucent indigo. It took my breath away (in a good way).  I took a photo and now you can see it too.