Daily Archives: November 19, 2011


Another good, brave and far too young person has been taken by this disease. Karin was a 32 old dutch woman and one of the first to post a comment when I began publishing lifeandbreath. She also kept a blog, http://blog.carosum.com/, and remarkably, wrote something almost every single day for the three years since her diagnosis at the age of 29. I always enjoyed getting a comment from Karin, and from time to time would check in on her, although the translation provided by Google was often awkward.

Today was one of those days, and I was stunned by the following message:

Hello dear ones, when you read this then I’m deceased.

In fact, she passed away yesterday, and the blog goes on to say how difficult and pain filled her days had become. The post concluded with this message:

I have so much written in recent years that I no longer have much to say. I think everyone has a good idea of ​​who I was and how I have lived.

I’ll be happy when I finally found peace and I am pain free.                     

Karin Caroline Martine Top-Meijerink
My heart goes out to her husband and other family. Rest in peace, my friend.