eleven eleven

A quick break from the posts I’ve been laboring over (really) to report that thanks to Melinda and Kihan, we (Peter, Buddy and myself) celebrated 11/11/11 in style.

Our dear friends booked rooms for all of us at the Boston Harbor Hotel, luxury accommodations located at Rowes Wharf. Our room was dog friendly (as was the entire hotel; Buddy has never been treated with such deference) and had a gorgeous view overlooking the harbor (notice the moon).

We enjoyed a splendid meal at the Meritage (Pete ordered Kobe beef–something he has always wanted to try) and although Melinda and Kihan concluded the evening with some dancing, after dinner Pete and I retired to our room to mark 11:11 quietly with Buddy. It was wonderful! Thank you!

(I should note that our room was number 1212 and that we clocked into the parking garage at exactly 1717.)

Numerous friends and siblings sent along happy eleven elven greetings (thank you for remembering!) and rumor has it that my brother John asked his girlfriend Amanda to marry him (and that she said yes).

Jem and Jamie went out to dinner at their local Applebee’s, which was giving free entree’s to veterans (Jamie served four years in the U.S. Air Force and is now a reserve in the National Guard). Jemesii said it was a very poignant evening, with veterans of all ages represented.

And then, the next morning, after a quick breakfast with Kihan (Melinda was off to Maine to watch their son Christopher compete in the NE Regional men’s college cross country finals–Christopher finished first for his school, Williams, and 7th overall–on to Nationals!) Pete twisted my arm just a little and we made a quick stop at the Boston Aquarium. Twas a satisfying little adventure for all. Melinda and Kihan, you’re the best!

2 responses to “eleven eleven

  1. For a good time just add the Lee’s! Wish I was there. Thought of you on 11:11 but never managed to pick up the phone. : – ( XO SR

    • Those Lee’s are something, eh Egg? I often think of you and don’t pick up the phone either. Good thing we have such a strong psychic connection!

      Love, L

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