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4 responses to “New York bookmark

  1. Linnea
    I have been following your inspiring…informational..and heart felt website now for almost a year. I too have had lung cancer…adenocarcinoma/bac ..would love to chat sometime if you could…via email

  2. Gwen, I will send you an email–probably tomorrow. And hey, thanks.


  3. Hi Linnea – I have been worried about you as you seemed to be silent for a long time (not so long really but just felt that way). I am glad now that you have been busy posting. I am going to Liverpool on Saturday for a week. Its the first time in two years I have felt able to visit. The girls are home and the dogs taken care of. I will be thinking of you on Monday and wishing you a very positive report of your ct scan.

    • Beryl, I have been a tad more quiet, but no need to worry. I am so glad you are going to Liverpool–enjoy every moment.


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