Saddle up



Wednesday morning, September 7th. Lead in dose of LDK 378 and dressed for success.

It was a long day (eleven hours not including the commute), but went quite well. Per trial protocol, I returned to MGH Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning for PK’s and blood draws. After a day off, I’ll be back again bright and early tomorrow to begin regular dosing.

I’m going to fill in the blanks, but not tonight. This tuckered cowboy is hitting the sack.

9 responses to “Saddle up

  1. HI Linnea…nice to hear from you…hang in there!! I’m with you in spirit..
    by chance are you going to the Omega workshop “living with cancer” end September??

    • Laurie, sorry for the late response. No, I won’t be able to attend. Have a wonderful time, and I can read all about it in your blog!


  2. Linnea, one of my ex-trial buddies here in Japan (I’m in Japan now for the scan) is starting in the Astellas’ ASP3026 trial tomorrow and she will be staying in the hospital for two weeks without choice. Which would you prefer? I would choose commuting every day. Hang in there! I’m rooting for you as always!!

    • Yuki, how you been girl! You’re right, I should never complain about commutes (especially when you’re listening–you know a thing or two about going long distances!). Look me up when you’re in town đŸ™‚

      Love, Linnea

  3. Hey Linnea- I have everything crossed-

  4. Thinking of you, dearest Linnea!

  5. Hi…I’ve been searching for blogs like yours in hopes of finding some answers, a connection, anything that can help me through my mom’s diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer. She was diagnosed in 2008 and though she’s managed quite well, she has started to go down a bit. Not sure what’s going to happen next. No one ever seems to prepare you for what happens next. I started my blog last week, finally. sunshinecoffeeme is the name of my blog here on WordPress and it’s still a work in progress and I’m still navigating around. Good luck to you and I’m anxiously following your blog about news regarding the trial. God bless and many prayers for your strength.

    • RoniLynn, although I’m struggling with the answers myself, I understand well the value in connecting. This cancer thing can be very isolating; both for the patient and the caregiver.

      I’m sorry your mom isn’t feeling as well now. I’ve been in a bit of a downward spiral myself (which I hope will reverse soon) and it’s much more difficult to keep your spirits up when you’re not feeling well.

      I checked out your blog; it’s a great start, now keep it up. I think you’ll find it provides a real sense of connection as well.

      Best, Linnea

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