Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Friendship can be habit forming

Kate, Amy, Sally, Melinda and I, friends since childhood, just had our yearly reunion. Per my request, our home was the venue. And this time, after putting it to a vote, my three boys were included. I prophesied that should David  be present, lattes, black bean steaks and lobsters; all outside of my skill set, might be on the menu. This may have swayed the decision making process. To wit:

RE: Should they stay or should they go:

I love lattes, meat, boys…alcohol…I’m game for everything!  Amy


They had me at lattes.  Sally

Such fun, funny friends. And no less so in person. It would seem we have a jollier respite from reality each successive time we assemble. The addition of David and Pete (you too, Buddy) proved a fine one. Just imagine the merriment we shall make in our elder years!

The realization that I selected my pals so well at a tender age does much for my retroactive self esteem. Such a fine judge of character! Or, I got very, very, lucky. No doubt a bit of each. I love you guys!