Strong thoughts and positive energy please

My dear friend Guillermo has taken a turn for the worse. I know that many of you have  grown incredibly fond of this wonderful and magical man whom I refer to as my co-author (due to his lengthy and erudite comments). Please keep Guillermo and his family in your thoughts and send them our collective love and strength.


13 responses to “Strong thoughts and positive energy please

  1. Linnea my thoughts and prayers are with you and Guillermo. Stay strong my friend!

  2. You got it Linnea…….thoughts are with him. Linda Grimes

  3. G – as always, believe there is solid ground beneath us or that we learn to fly as we take that next step.

  4. Sending love to you and your family, Guillermo.

  5. Lots of strengthening thoughts for you, Guillermo, scented with the fresh air from the sea and a very late swedish sunset.

  6. Linnea, I am sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and love are with Guillermo and his family

  7. Joan Zimmermann

    I am so sorry to hear this- I am sending strength and light to wonderful Guillermo. Thinking of you too, Linnea.

  8. May his strength, love and wit continue to provide comfort for all.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments and love. I printed off the page so that Guillermo could read them. He was touched by your kindness.

  10. Guillermo’s posts always lift my spirits and make me smile.
    I am sending all the positive energy that I can muster his way.

  11. This just came in today and seeing your face, Linnea, is always good medicine:

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