Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

We see the light(s)

About that rash; Pete and I have decided without benefit of counsel that it was indeed poison ivy that he (just couldn’t help himself) scratched, and which then became a mild staff infection. Nothing a little hibiclens won’t take care of. So, bugs indeed, but of the bacterial sort.

David is back from his travels and we slept at our new  home again last night. I even cooked a meal and took a bath in the jacuzzi. Really feels like our house now. 
In about an hour I shall head into Boston (and it will take me at least one hour and fifteen minutes less than what I am accustomed to) for my scan results. It’s been four months and so I am just a wee bit anxious. I did see 11:11 on the clock yesterday. I regard that as a positive sign or lucky omen if you will. Let’s hope so.

Tonight and tomorrow (if I can wrestle the air card needed for computer reception at this point) from my fourteen year old, I will get caught up on Colorado. After I share the results of my appointment today.