Back to the present (momentarily)

I’ve much more to say about my trip to Colorado, but first a quick update on the moment.

The radio silence from my friend Guillermo was beginning to worry me. I pestered him into a response, and as he sent it via email, I asked his permission to copy it here (for those of you who also keep track of his whereabouts):

Dear dear Linnea your black sheep is back recuperating from burning under radiation.
The April vacation in Mexico was abnormal for me, weak from chemos I expend all the time in the hotel sun tanning like the iguanas in my roof, the pool was too cold for me and for the first time in my life I had trouble floating, my lungs couldn’t expand and I was short of breath for swimming. With all my pills I could not take advantage of unlimited free drinks, what a waste of margaritas.
Improving now I am surrounded by examples of hope, just imagine the portuguese sailors looking for the cape to go to the Indies and unknown to them around the world.

#1.- Mourning doves nesting in a flower pot in my patio, 2 years ago they nested at the end of a hot gutter but the ready to fly babies drowned in a sudden rain flood; last year they returned to a different corner of the patio, unfortunately one night the eggs disappeared; this year they are back under my protection 5′ above ground, I have to watch Honey my dog… but there is good hope.

#2.- Jack Layton give us big hope becoming leader of the opposition with record votes for the first time in history of Canada dominated by conservatives and liberals, he campaigned in crutches (see left arm) and a mysterious hip operation, he has prostate Cancer… but there is good hope.

#3.- Lorraine, Silas, Peter letter and you putting all togheter but moving in bits and pieces, one car load at a time, there is good hope.

#4.- Ice-cream man is here in a cold spring day! there is good hope.

#5.- A blogger that goes with class, there is good hope all around.

( ) X X Guillermo

Life continues at a frantic pace here. I had my first scan in four months on Wednesday (results this coming Tuesday), and on Thursday I led a workshop at Peter’s school. I had a small group of students (and one instructor; bonjour Madame!) and in the brief amount of time allotted (45 minutes), they each created a personal ‘map’. The results were really intriguing:

That afternoon I took Peter to the doctor with what we presumed to be a bad case of poison ivy. We came away with a hesitant diagnosis (the nice young pediatrician said they didn’t have poison ivy where he came from) and a prescription for a steroid ointment.

On Friday Peter, Buddy and I (David is away on business) packed our bags for our first overnight in the new home. Immediately after arriving we donned protective rubber boots and traversed the property scouting poison ivy; there is indeed a fair amount of it.

On Saturday Peter awakened with the bad news that the night before his laptop had picked up a virus. The rash had also spread and he began to worry that perhaps he had scabies or bedbugs. Oy vey.

We dropped the infected laptop off with the Geek Squad. Peter is yet sleeping, so I don’t know the status of his rash. I’m still thinking poison ivy, but time will (perhaps) tell. Let’s hope it is only the computer that has bugs.

7 responses to “Back to the present (momentarily)

  1. Linnea Hope you have good luck with the scan and bugging bugs.
    Last but can be first is the example of hope and courage in the VELOUX 5 Oceans SOLO race that I follow in the internet since converting from active to arm chair sailor. 30,000 miles, 5 oceans, 2 great capes and 8 months solo sailing in 60ft sailboats. Only 4 boats left after the leg from Punta del Este Uruguay to Charleston, SC won by a local boy. The last leg starting line was crossed first by a canadian, they must face the elements in this short leg 2 weeks across the north atlantic to La Rochelle, France. Hurrah heroes.

    • Guillermo, it never ceases to amaze me what some people are capable of: and I speak only in the positive sense. We are amazing animals!


  2. Hi Linnea…am going to be at Yawkey on Tuesday the 17th for 10 am appointment…any chance you will be kicking around there around there at the same time? Linda

  3. Linda, as a matter of fact, I have a 10:45 appt. We could meet up either before our appts. or in the middle (lunch?) or after (tea?). But yes, let’s do it! Linnea

  4. Poison Ivy is indeed rampant in Amherst…look out! Found that if I got in the habit of washing with dish detergent in cool water whenever I came in from the garden it helped…and in the woods…keep to the trails, and watch out for ticks…they love it there too! Fortunately the trails are many and lovely…once you’re settled in perhaps I can share some of my favorites. Don’t miss the mountain laurel bloom in Joe English reservation, and the wild azalea, soon blooming along the boardwalk in Ponemah Bog.

    • Marj–I took Buddy on a walk down the road and it (poison ivy) is everywhere. We’re just going to have to be vigilant. BTW, we were driving down the road and passed your old house up the hill, and Pete said, “I’ve got to get to know those people” (having know idea I knew you already) “that’s a great sledding hill!”

      I am looking forward to down time for exploration. And to catch up with my friends back up north–we will do it! Hope you are well–I’m off for a scan review and am slightly anxious. I’d like to say that time makes all thins better, but not scan reviews. Ever.


      • Our field has, indeed been the neighborhood sledding hill…but did you know that there is actually an official, town owned sledding hill? It’s right on Route 101 just at the Bedford border…big open field to the left going south, with a shelter at the top for cold parents.

        I was actually going to ask you about that waiting for the results agony. Sorry to hear it doesn’t get easier, cause it’s sure tense. My Dr. at Dana walked through the door last week (2 hrs. after my last scan) and said…”Scans look good”, before she said hello. Of course I still have to wait about a week for the actual report, which I get online…not as ideal as being able to go over it with someone I can ask questions. Anyway thinking and focusing on good results for you!

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