The past two weeks (in chapters)

This move us ours is no one day affair. Rather, we are doing it in bits and pieces, one car load at a time.  I have had not a moment to do anything else, such as write. Which is unfortunate, as I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

So, like any task that is somewhat herculean (like moving), I am just going to have to break it down so that it is more manageable. Consider this brief entry chapter one.

The video above (and the one below) are short little clips that my son August filmed while I was in Colorado. I was attempting to make a short piece for an online site, and Aug was helping me out a bit.

Hanging out with August was one of the highlights of my stay in Colorado. Barring our trip to Sweden, I’d not spent any quality time with this kid since he was seventeen. I stayed for in Ft. Collins for five days, and I got to see August every single one of those.

We ate meals together, rode bikes, went out for coffee, checked out his art, listened to his music and just enjoyed each others company. On the last morning we were laying side by side in the sun on a trampoline and he said, “I don’t want you to go”. And I didn’t want to.

Jemesii, August and Peter are my everything. Each of them; braces, tattoos, green hair and piercings notwithstanding, is to me, perfect. The very, very best thing I’ve ever done is to become a mom. I am most content when all three of my children are by my side. However, with two of them grown, that doesn’t happen very often anymore.

And so I had to say goodbye to Aug, for now. Being with him was like butter on toast. Simple and perfect.

8 responses to “The past two weeks (in chapters)

  1. Oh, Linnea, what a beautiful post. Your son looks so much like you, and the videos are great. These words made me cry~ On the last morning we were laying side by side in the sun on a trampoline and he said, “I don’t want you to go”. And I didn’t want to. ~
    Knowing how as mom’s our children are our hearts, and feeling the love you & your son share~ thank you, this post made my day! xo

    • Lorraine, I’m sorry that I made you cry. There is so much loneliness involved (at times) in the way we desperately love our children, isn’t there? That’s why we must (and can, and do) always keep them in our hearts, no matter where they (or we) are.
      Love, Linnea

  2. I can only relate to the butter on toast part since that’s what I had just before reading this sweet post. Last night, strolling by a great bakery after dinner, we see they had put the end of day leftover loaves out for free! Score.

  3. Good luck to you. I just adore the way you think and write about your kids. Must be hard for you living with cancer at such a young age. I am only begining to learn all there is about lung and bone cancer and I am so happy I found your site. my best,

    • Debbie, thank you (on both counts). As for living with lung cancer, I can only say that given enough time, you get used to it. Sounds weird, I know, but it becomes your new normal. Some days I really hate it, but most of the time, frankly, I just deal. It just seems like the best way to make the most of our (precious!) time.

  4. There’s that laugh I know and love. xo W

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